In case you haven't read my latest experience, last night around midnight I woke up with bad diarrhea. Afterwards, I went and laid down until I had to go to work. At work, my stomach hurt badly and was very gurgly. Noticing this, my boss told me I could take a sick day; so I did. After coming home around seven thirty, having only been at work for two hours, I felt a little better. I drifted off to sleep until about eleven, and when I woke up, my body was giving me the tell-tale signals that round two was about to begin.
I got out of bed, and changed into some old white bikini panties. I grabbed my old silver Gameboy Advance SP on the way to the bathroom, with Pokemon Sapphire in it. Then I went back into the bathroom, lifted the toilet seat, and sat down. I played Pokemon for about thirty minutes before the urge was starting to get unbearable. After I finished a battle and caught a Skarmory(**** yeah!:D), I saved and closed the SP. Then I leaned over, my boobs resting on my knees. I rubbed my stomach gently, tensing my butt to keep the load in. After a few minutes of this, I couldn't hold it anymore. Right as I felt the liquid starting to drip out of my butt, I pushed as hard as I could. My butthole opened, and a gush of chunky liquid, thick in diameter, erupted into my panties. It instantly started to fill the seat, soaking the back of the white cotton to a dark brown color. It was a loudly, wet explosion that echoed in the bathroom, and as the gush happened, a few wet farts popped.
The river of diarrhea ended a few seconds later, and I relaxed, readying myself for the last bit. I pushed again, this time the liquid not spraying so much as simply flowing. It was very very loud diarrhea, and just before I finished the second part of the load I peed in my panties. It was loud, and its drips joined that of the liquid poop as it landed in the toilet bowl water. I sat still for a few seconds, farting a couple of loud wet farts. Then I felt the bulge. It was smaller than the one from last night, only about an inch and a half deep; but it covered a lot of my butt. The panties were totally ruined, I realized as I stood up. A chunk slid out of the leg-hole of my panties and landed on the toilet seat, splattering loudly. I could feel the liquid running down my legs, a mixture of **** and crap. I ripped a ten second long, bubbly fart that moistened my butt even more after I stood up. Sighing with relief, I got to cleaning up.
The clean-up wasn't as bad as the first load, but as I was starting to take off my panties, I farted and pooped more diarrhea into them as they were about to come off. It spattered against the congealed block of chunks in the seat of my panties before resting. The leg-holes bigger, as I was trying to remove my panties; caused some liquid to fall out onto the floor with loud splashing sounds. I giggled, staring at the diarrhea soaked tiles. This extended the clean up an extra couple of minutes. I took off the panties and emptied what I could into the toilet, then flushed it. I tossed the panties in the garbage, only having cleaned my buttcheeks. As I walked from the kitchen back to the bathroom, I could feel the moist spots in my butt. I got in the shower, and took my second shower of the day; letting the occasional burst of diarrhea fall into the tub, amidst bubbly farts.
I'm gonna need to go panty shopping soon.
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I love reading your stories.

Dear, will you add me?

I wish I could have been there to take all that deliciousness straight into my mouth instead of your panties.

Hi,ma'am and good story When my GF and i ate huge amounts of over-ripe cantaloupe pieces both of us first had farted heavily and ended up with pushing some really soft poop into our panties tuning the panty seats a dirty greenish brown. We sat in our dirty loaded panties for a few hours to let them get hard and then filled them with more poop getting them even fuller

Do you just like girls? I hope you consider adding me.

That was what i call a fun amusing story and made for fun reading thanks for posting it, ma'am

Can u addd me please


Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

I say just wear diapers , good story btw

I wish I was there. Add me and we can go panty shopping together.....

Dam when you have to go you really go , nice story :)

Love the story.

that sounds fun make a video on youtube

Having explosive diarrhea and managing to catch a Skarmory. That sounds like a 100% positive result.

Wow that's amazing <3. A kinky gamer girl.

Wow - you sure know how to fill 'em up !!

:o such a great story girl! x