The Kinkiest Night Of My Life

Ok so I have a sat fetish, i havent been very open about it outside of EP. I met a girl and right off the bat we realized we were both kinky. I went for it and asked her if she had ever tried *******, an she said no but that she wants to try everything so we ended up getting together. I threw in well if you want to try everything would you let someone **** on your chest? We at first joked but then we agreed to try it. The night started with a good hour long ****. Then started to drink, ate each others ******** (first for me) i experienced anal for my first time, covered each other with chocolate, pissed all over each other, and right when i was hoping for a grand finale!!! She said she didnt have to go :( she pushed and tried but nothing. We even tried a hap hazard chocolate enema but it we couldnt get it right... Well shes still down, so hopefully ill have an update soon.
dirtweed dirtweed
22-25, M
May 13, 2012