I Made A Lesbian Out Of A Married Woman…….part Two

We talked on the phone the next day. Her voice was quaking and she tried to express the never before known feelings she was having. I tried to calm her and she finely regained her composure. I told her that I really wanted to see her again and that I was totally infatuated with her and wanted to meet again and that I needed a lot more time to romance her the way it should be and not in a frenzied time limited encounter like we first had. She hesitantly agreed to meet early for a drink and a quick supper. I asked her what her husband would say about her going out, not even thinking of how unassuming it would look. She said that she would tell him she was meeting me and we were going to have dinner and a few drinks and he would never know what was happening. I gleaned from her statement that deep in her mind she knew or hoped what prospectively was going to happen. My heart was pounding and in a flutter as we hung up. The few hours left in the afternoon seemed to take days as I could think of nothing else but having this beautiful creature in my arms again. I accomplished nothing in my work as my mind raced with lust filled thoughts of making love to this “married woman” again.
As the hour glass finally ran to the anticipated minute of nerve tingling resolve I headed for the secluded little restaurant for our rendezvous with destiny. As I walked up to the outdoor terrace from one direction as she approached from the other. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I looked her up and down. She was dressed to kill. She had a bright red top, a black skirt and nylons and she was made up like a runway model. Her eyes were sparkling as she smiled; her red lipstick framed her perfect shaped and very white teeth. I almost immediately felt the moistness between my legs. The thought that this goddess was going to be mine in a short while was surreal and I was almost dizzy with anticipation. We greeted and found a table kind of secluded to sit at. All we could do was gaze into each other’s eyes. Hers were sparkling with excitement and anticipation. She giggled with a nervous aura and fleeting eye movement. I reached out and clasped her hand and squeezed it. Immediately her eyes found mine as I squeezed her ice cold hand in reassurance and looked longingly into her big brown eyes. An air of calm started to settle over her and as the waitress approached I let go of her hand and the waitress asked if we’d like a drink. She ordered a CC & Ginger and I followed suit. I felt her eyes on me and I could not help an attenuated glance at her voluptuous 36 D breasts. The drinks came and she took a gulp needing a little reinforcement of liquid courage to calm her. I soulfully looked into her eyes as I sipped my drink and secretly chuckled to myself knowing I was soon to take her to the land of bliss where only two women can go. It was as if she read my mind and looked deeply into my eyes, and asked what I was going to do to her. The waitress approached and asked if we were ready to order. We had a start, a little startled and awoke from our concentrated fog like state. As I said not quite yet she stammered Ah ah; and stuttered not quite yet almost in unison. If the waitress didn’t realize what was going on I’ll eat my bra. We quickly looked at the menu and decided on I don’t remember what, motioned to the waitress gave our order which included another drink; “liquid courage for her and nerve tonic for me.” I felt like a kid on a first date; like the first time a girlfriend and I *********** each other at about eleven years old.
(Another story I already posted.)
Anyway, the I don’t remember food came and we hardly touched it. I clasped her hand alternately caressing and squeezing it. As if an alarm went off she searched into my eyes and I knew it was time to go. As we got up I snuck a quick kiss on her cheek. I left the money for the bill and a tip on the table. She followed me in her car to my motel room. She nervously got out as I got out and followed me to the door. I unlocked it, pushed it open and put my hand reassuringly on her lower back and guided her into my room. The room was pleasant, with quiet green walls and flowered yellow curtains. The light of the setting sun through the rustling trees was dancing through the window. I pulled the shade and drew the curtains, then proceeded to light a couple of long burning scented candles. She just stood there watching me; I think unsure of what to do or say. Wanting it to be a cozy and relaxing ambiance I turned on some soft background music that I had taped on my cassette player (in those days). I finally turned to her (which afterward she admitted seemed like an eternity to her) cupped her elbows and pulled her to me and planted what I think was the most sensual kiss I ever gave to anyone on her not only willing but eager to receive lips. I tasted her and felt her warm breath on my face. Her breathing deepened and quickened; I reached around her and held her tight and tongue kissed her deeply. I’ll never forget the pace and depth of her breathing as she opened her mouth and possessed my mouth with her tongue holding me like I’ve never been held before with a need for love and a passion of desire. I could sense the moistness between my legs even more than at the restaurant. We toppled over onto the bed in a limp mass kissing and starting to almost feverishly caress each other. It was as if a tremendous pent up emotional pressure exploded within this woman. I had never in my life ever had this emotional eruption in my arms. She started to shudder and cry uncontrollably. I had no idea of what to say or do so I wrapped my arms around her, held her as tight as I could and finally whispered in her ear that it was going to be alright now; she had me: and by God did she ever. I was in love with this woman on the second “date”. She settled down after a while, so I got up and made us a drink, sat down beside her on the bed and dried what was left of her tears. She stammered I don’t know what’s happening to me. I put my arms around her again and whispered “You are with someone who cares and will treat you like the woman you are. With slight protest she said “but you’re a woman too”. I replied “yes and so what; I will give you more love and affection than your husband ever possibly could”. I kissed her gently again as only another woman can and held her tightly. She exhaled deeply from within, in an almost sigh of calmness and relief and submitted to my affection like a little kitten.
I started slowly to remove her clothes; her top, then skirt and then her silky black full slip as I pulled her up to facilitate undressing her; leaving her in her bra, panties, nylons and garter belt. As she yielded to my efforts then she sat back down on the edge of the bed. Her black bra was quite sheer and anointed with tiny red bows as were her black bikini panties. I could sense my eyes widening as I gazed upon her provocative lingerie and feminine beauty. I could see her areolas and nipples peeking through the thin material of her bra and as my eyes lowered could make out the top of her sparsely haired garden of love. Then I undressed myself as sensuously as I could like doing a ***** tease in front of her without looking at her. After I removed my outer garmets I could feel her gaze on my body and it made me feel all warm and tingly inside. I caressed and cupped my breasts through my soft nylon champaign colored underwire bra and pushed them together accentuating the fullness of my 34 DD’s cleavage before turning my back to her and reaching around to undo the four hooks to release my breasts to freedom. As I turned back around I closed my shoulders releasing the straps and letting it fall loose exposing my female mounds; then reaching my fingers down I cupped the fullness of my vulva, pulled my panties tight so she could observe my cameltoe and sensuously drew my middle finger through my kitty bringing my wetness exuding from therein right through the silky material of my panties, then slipping my thumbs under the band of my matching full panties, now with a big wet spot, and shimmered out of them with the fullness of my breasts jiggling in front of her face. I too, with anticipation and hoping expectation, had worn stockings and a garter belt as well. I’m a woman who loves her feminine lingerie in case you hadn’t guessed and I love to see it on another woman. Her eyes were expressively fixed upon my body. I reached down and pulled her up and into my arms. I felt the sheer material of her bra against my naked breasts and now turgid nipples, the softness of her breasts and panties as I held her against me and kissed her pressing our lips together and then frenching her and felt her tongue in my mouth in reciprocation . I could contain myself no longer; reached around her and unhooked her also four hooker I pulled it free reached down and pulled her panties off almost at the same time. I stepped back exposing my whole body to her but she instinctively held her arms in front of her breasts covering them up and looked at me with a funny look of revealing herself for the first time which of course it wasn’t. I waited a second and stepped forward clasping her wrists and reaching back put them around my neck and without looking moved forward pulling her into my arms. As our breasts met and pressed into each other she let out a moan and my nipples were instantly even more erect. Gawd it was an indescribable feeling our softness pressing into one another, our hard nipples actually sticking into each other. I passionately kissed her again and held her tightly breast to breast and pubis to pubis. She moaned softly once more and almost went limp in my arms. I was in heaven. I could feel a puddle of desire exuding from my intimacy. I moved my thigh in between hers and as her lips parted a river of wetness started secreting onto my leg. A very intoxicating scent of female sex permeated the air. I can’t really describe my feeling; I was dizzy, I was in a fog of sensuality and pleasure and happiness with electric tingles ravaging throughout my being. At this point I was holding her up; it was like she wasn’t in her body, but on some far off planet. I reached to her face and guided her lips to mine yet again and kissed her with all the passion I had within my soul. Electric shocks pulsated through me as my tongue darted between her lips and searched out hers. She told me later that it was like she was in a spell, immovable and it felt like lightning was transcending through her body totally incapacitating her.
I broke our kiss and released her from my grasp, clasped her hand gently pulled her toward the bathroom. It was now time to get really serious with this vixen so full of need for affection and love. I had my own shower cap and opened the motel provided shower cap for her and slipped it over her hair, reached in the tub and turned on the water adjusting it to a comfortable temperature. I looked at her and she was almost giddy with anticipation; her eyes glistened and an almost childlike, cat that ate the canary, devilish grin spread across her face. I knew her inhibitions were starting to wane at least for now. I pulled the curtain aside and stepped into the tub. Holding her hand she stepped into the tub, her breasts jiggling with her movement. I wrapped my arms around her, held her close and kissed her again with all the fervor and feeling I had within me as the warm shower stream rained over our bodies. Her response was that of an escape from a tortured and suppressed emotional reclamation of her being and dignity back from a land of mistreatment and darkness. The warm water continued spattering softly over our bodies. I picked up my bubble bath soap and started washing her around and under her ears and caressing every inch of her very feminine shapely neck. I then reached out and kissed her again. (This intimate act and expression of affection and closeness is to me undoubtedly the most arousing foreplay leading to languorous abandon soft, gentle, extended lovemaking and incomparable pleasure.) She reached up and around my neck and almost devoured my mouth with inexplicable hunger. The “fire of desire” was beyond the kindling point between us. It was more than smoldering; it had risen above steamy and had reached to a torrid aching burning yearning need for fulfillment. Most assuredly this was going to be an incredible etched in stone remembrance for life no matter or whatever followed. I had the soap in my hand and started sliding it over and around her breasts, across her nipples and under the crease of her beautiful upright mounds. I had a hard time getting my hand out as she started pressing our breasts closer together but still sliding the slippery wet soapy softness all about. My nipples were still turgid and hers were totally erect and as they slipped and slid across mine I almost had an ******. We were holding each other, soaping each other, running our hands all over each other’s body, up and down our legs and over each other’s bum almost in a frenzy to feel and touch every part of each other’s body. Then the surreal, I slid my hand and fingers down over her very prominent mound and to the very center of her female being. She stepped wider exposing herself to me as I slid my finger between her lips. At that very instant I felt her fingers searching out the fullness of my pouty kitty and her fingers separating the lips of my vulva. As my fingers slid over the engorged center of her sex; (her nub was about average size.) She softly cried out with total arousal and as her fingers encircled and passed over my rather large by comparison swollen and pooky ****. I felt a gushing release of my female fluids from within my vagina. I never felt this release before or after in my life. I knew I had *** and it was like a euphoric climax leaving me shaking and weak. My God what this woman could do to me without even knowing it. Her own release quickly followed as I manipulated the center of her womanhood.
I couldn’t control myself anymore; “play time AS IT WAS, was over”:
I reached and turned off the water, slid the shower curtain aside and grabbed the bath towel. I had reached the capacity of my patience for this foreplay. I quickly rubbed the towel over her glistening wet female form taking great care to anoint her breasts softly and sensuously and patting the softness of her full female curve dry. She feverishly assisted me in drying myself. I kissed her again and grabbed her hand and with our breasts jiggling and bouncing and giggling like two kids romped into the bedroom and pounced onto the bed. The giggling quickly stopped as I rolled myself upon her with my leg pressing between hers, my breasts partially against hers. We held each other and looked deeply into each other’s eyes for what seemed a long time. Her eyes filled and I got teary as well and we just held each other as tight as we could for a couple of minutes. I can’t describe the moment of that feeling and emotion to this day.
After cuddling and holding one another for that while the passion of my need raged within me. My heart quickened and I needed more breath. My new love sensed this and responded in kind, only her need had been repressed for so long from unrequited satisfaction from a very selfish and uncaring mentally battering husband even I didn’t recognize I had a virtual sexual volcano in my bed.
I started kissing and tongue kissing her and running my fingers through hair, licking and kissing her neck while my other hand started caressing her belly and as far as I could reach down each of her legs and back up the inner part of her thighs, I pulled her over a little to facilitate my hand to feel her back up and down, along the inner part of her arms and back down her spine to her lower back; then lower across her bum and her cheeks and down the valley between her cheeks and back up her side to the under part of her arms and softly teasing the sensitive flesh of her arm pits all the while teasing her neck, under her ears down across her shoulder and then tonguing her near armpit. I know you’re wondering what she was doing all this time. Incredibly she had just drifted into an almost transcendental state of euphoria laying there like a sponge in water absorbing sensations she had never felt before or had never experienced in her life. I don’t think that her erogenous zones had ever been explored. Her breathing was heavy and labored. At one point I noticed her areolas and nipples were standing up like cones. I so wanted her ready for the sensual feeling of luscious, yummy, steamy breast love and then the ultimate intimacy only two women can share. She started moaning softly as she inhaled and exhaled. Her free hand eventually reached out to feel and caress my body as well. With her soft moans as she was breathing I knew it was time to intensify her pleasure, feelings and emotion.
My hand softly and gently moved from the upper side of her body across to her soft mound. I slid my fingers gently to the crease of her right breast tracing its curve all the way around to the top center as it blended into her chest. Her body twitched and I felt the fleshy softness jiggle slightly against my fingers. Then I traced the crease of her left breast from the center of her chest down and around that sensitive crease to under her arm. Again she adjusted her position ever so slightly moving her fullness like a little wave. I palmed her breast moving my hand over and around her nubbly now conical areola and nipple. I felt that cone turgid between my fingers. I squeezed her fleshiness gently whereupon she twisted her body toward me and I felt the fullness of her breast fall into my hand. I cupped it and moved to take it into my mouth. I circled the fullness with my tongue, licked her crease then up across her softness to her areola with my tongue around and around and then took her whole areola and nipple between my lips. With my other hand my fingers teased her other swollen areola flicked gently over her nipple and pinched it gently. As this tantalizing begins and starts to continue the volcano starts erupting; writhing, pushing her breasts to me clamoring for more attention and I sense her hips to start lifting as she arched her back and her whole body writhing and moving with excitement and arousal. Her breathing is quite pronounced and her moaning gets more audible. I’m going crazy with lust for this woman and my own physical need but I relish in the fact this is her first time and I want her to be be satisfied so totally she will remember this experience as though it was burned into her memory for life. This is also a first for me and a lifelong remembrance of having a virgin to female love.

In the next part of my story I hope to get to my new love’s volcanic explosion of need and fulfillment. TO BE CONTINUED ~ ~ ~ ~
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Awfull, i was lifted to heaven, and falling down again. This miracle only happens once in a lifetime. I ll read it over and over and have the same feeling again and again. Take your time to continue, care for yourself. xoxoxo chantellette

Thank you for your comment. In the mean time I have other stories as well; you may enjoy.

"then reaching my fingers down I cupped the fullness of my vulva, pulled my panties tight so she could observe my cameltoe and sensuously drew my middle finger through my kitty bringing my wetness exuding from therein right through the silky material of my panties,"

This drove me absolutely wild girl, I do hope you continue this story. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you Lori...
I'm working on it, but like I told you time has been an issue of late. Your encouragement though; has helped rekindle my interest and again focus my attention to this wonderful chapter in my life and motivates me to share it with all my friends.

I know time, there's never enough of it. Especially when it comes to doing something you love.

So beautiful!!

Thank you caligirl32

Tribbing is one of the most intimate acts of lovemaking between girls. Too bad you lost it. There are very few real tribbing videos out there.

I remember I had this most graceful video of two lovely tender gals making out as if they are in heaven...in the scissor position. The gal on the bed had raised her right leg in right angle, and the other gal with her p*** rubbing against hers, she holding the sleeping gals toe and rocking as if she has a c*** thats being throttled iin and out. I had an amazing time mas***g to the climax og these two gals. Just love that video. Miss it. Dont have it anymore :-(

Thanks for your responses lingerielover. I like, have been really busy. Yeah, IF you were te right gal you could enjoy this with me. Glad you liked the story. It is a true story. Our lives and our sex lives were this same way. As I recall the perfume was called something like posession, but that's a stretch. The scent I was intoxicated with didn't come out of a bottle !

btw wht perfume ws she wearing :-) ?

wow.... 'fog of sensuality' ... 'electric shocks' ..... just loved those terms. kovely story. full of love and graceful erotic sex.

wish i was gal..wud hv loved to be inheaven wd u :-)

Sorry I haven't been able to get to the rest of this volcano girls , which lasted almost eighteen years of unbridled, unparalleled and unmatched sex and love but as I wrote Jenn I am recovering from a heart attack at present and this will be a bit slower than anticipated. Maybe if you have any questions I can answer those for now untill I can get really back into my TRUE story. All The Best for now........ me

It makes me very happy you enjoyed my story. Thank you. Theirs more to follow that is much more intimate. I'm working on it trying to put things together from my memory.