100 Things

well here goes


1. find inner peace

2. wirte and publish a story

3. be in a movie as an importent charecter

4. learn how to spell

5. change a life

6. help the old or sick

7. serev in the military

8.sing a song and recored it

9. recored a personal elegy about my life

10. go to Eroupe

11.learn a new languag

12. walk 100 miles without stoping

13.win the lottary

14.tell everyone how much i love them

15. get a 4.0 in high school

16. go to colleg

17.hand carve somthing out of a stick of wood

18. make a list of 100 things i wana do before i die

19.make a computer game

20.do imporve games succsfuly

21.learn to play guitar

22.beat deppresion

23.sing the national anthom at the Super Bowl

24.fall in love

25.stop cutting myself

26.do somthing that will always be remebered

27.donate blood

28.sit and admire natures bueaty

30.invet new technology

31.kiss in the rain

32. catch a girl falling into my arms

33.do somthing that not many pepole have dared to try

34. survive in the wilderness for a week with only 3 things of my choice

35.pass down infromation


37.preform on the street

38. give a 100$ tip

39.skinny dip

40.meet a famous actor/actress

41.vist the Outback in Astrulia

42.sing infront of 100 random pepole by myself

43.make love

44.drink a full gallon of beer

45.drink enough coffe to stay up an etire night

46.eat a crab that was just fished out of the ocian

47. swim with sharks

48.swim with dolphins

49.go deep sea fishing

50.have a child

51. help africa

52. go on an adventure with Bear Grylls

53.go on a road trip

54.make out with a girl

55. save a life

56. get a traot card reading

57.make a website

58.be on T.V.

59.go around the world

60.watch the sunset with a loved one

61.speak in 3rd person the entire day

62.resuce a puppy from an abusive owner

63.eat sushi

64.beat my teacher in a game of chess

65.read Pi from beging to end

66.explode C4

67.expiremnet with nuculer radiation

68.try to better mankind

69.pick up a girl

70.wear girls clothing an etire day

71.create a city with Google Sketchup

72.take a self defeance class

73.sell everything i own

74.wear full body armour


76.find the meaning of life

77.take apart a random electionic divice to find out how it works

78.flush all the toliets in school at the same time

79.take a lie dectocter test

80.climb mt. Everest

81.hug a random person and tell them that they are the best

82.shoot an arrow stight on the bulls eye

83.ride rapids that are level 5 class

84.play human chess

85.become a General in Call of Duty

86.hold a song note for 60 seconds with out stoping

87.smile for the whole day

88.do an army obstacal corse

89.read the entire bible

90.collect 1000 peicies of flair

91.train with a master of a profesion

92.burn ants with a magafine glass

93.stay in an ice cold river for ten minutes then jump into a hot tub

94.make a museuam worthy piece of art

95.dismalntel a car enigen and try to put it back together

96.eat a living bug

97.vist all 50 states on the USA

98.go a week with out showering or changing cloths

99.give a rondom person on the stree at least 1000 dollars

100. die knowing i left the world a better place then when i came into it

LelouchZero LelouchZero
18-21, T
Mar 4, 2010