Most say "never regret what once made you smile". But I can't help regret, I hate myself for accepting you, not just accepting but welcoming you in my life, into the deepest corners of my soul, when you're a worthless man.

I rushed myself with you, because I knew could not find in your eyes what I found in him. But after spending time with so many, I thought you came closest to what he was for me. It was the wrong choice, so forgive me for thinking you were better than you are, and for wasting your time. Now that I know you warren't the one for me, I try to let go of you, but your claws have gone so thoroughly into my skin, cutting flesh, muscles, and even bones.

I know it wont be easy to rid of you, youre like a cancer spreading through my life. But when I do, I'll be proud, satisfied, and on my own. Freedom.

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3 Responses Apr 10, 2011

JoeyFoxx thank you, there is wisdom in your words

@cyanide, love is beautiful when it's not forced upon someone, and when it's with the right person

Nothing wrong with being in love but it is like a cancer