The Question Is...

What do you do when you know you are the mistake

the thing that never should have been here in the first place ?

tulick tulick
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well i have tried to do something with my life am still trying <br />
<br />

I understand. What i m trying to say here is that it may appear to be a mistake yet you have a purpose to serve. Forget the person for whom you were a mistake. Now you go on with your life, doing something with it, and hopefully some day, have kids, on purpose, whom you will dearly love and they will know because you wont do onto them what was done onto you.

I never said the mistake was God's <br />
<br />
that belongs to the person who spawned me

in the greater scheme of life, you were planned to be on this earth byGod. No mistake on His part.<br />
There s book by Voltaire about the troglodytes. Forgot the title. search for it.<br />
Lesson in it is that all is for the best, in the best of all worlds!

yes and lacking any clear answer i went with my insticts and what i was good at stayed in school got an education took advantage of a chance to go to college <br />
<br />
accepted the help offered to me when it came to funding for school and job placement only for them to **** everything up <br />
<br />
continued with clerical training in hopes of being employed took skills i learned and apllied for jobs even after job placement tossed me asside <br />
<br />
over 100 jobs and over 2 years later still unemployed still living on asssitance <br />
<br />
despite making ever right choice there is to make and not giving up

Have you asked God what to do? <br />
He feeds the birds of the air...but he doesn't throw it in the nest.

but there is a torommow and that makes all the difference in the world <br />
<br />
because tomorow the bills have to be paid, goeries bought, house cleanedf, laundry done, apliences replaced <br />
<br />
tomorrow the other shoe drops

I should rephrase that and write live like there is no tomorrow

as if

You live as if there is no tomorrow.