I Don't Know How To Fix This.

In the end of December last year, i started dating a guy.He was really sweet, really funny, real nice ya know? I was lucky to have him, and I guess I did love him. But I really didn't need to be in a relationship with him, as I had a thing for his older brother real bad. Anyway, it hurt my bf that I was always texting or talking to him brother, but I still did it. We broke up just before Valentine's day because he was scared I would cheat with his brother. We texted every once in awhile after, but I no longer talked to his brother... Sort of. His brother came to my house a lot because their sister lived with me. So we were hanging out (their sis, her bf, her two kids, and my ex's bro) at my house one night and I was texting my ex, but I was hanging out with his bro. I went downstairs, where my room was at the time, and I was now texting my ex, and his brother. His brother was in the upstairs of my house. I told my ex I was going to bed, but continued to text his bro. Long story short, I ended up sending a naked pic to my ex's brother, and it got around. Now my ex doesn't want anything to do with me, and I just want to be friends with him. Preferably close. But I'm not sure what to do, I just apologized, yet this happened in April.. How do I fix things between us?!
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Well, ya know, I moved on. But maybe it is harder for him, I was his first girlfriend! He thinks it is very trashy to send naked pictures, i guess his brother doesn't? I know that I hurt him, and I sent a long apology to him, because I don't see him very often; he goes to a different school than I do.. I don't like to have tosay that I did this, I mean I can't believe I did it. His brother doesn't talk to me, one of his friends took his phone and read our texts.. Everything was there except the.. main event. She spread it like a wild fire. I still love hiim, just definitely not the same way. I just want him to know how sorry I am. He doesn't like me, or maybe he just wants to cover his feelings with being mean. He toold one of his friends that I am a **** and he hates me because I had a thing with his brother. I just don't know how to handle it. And maybe its selfish for me to miss talking to him and want to be close and have forgiveness butt Idk how to handle it? Especially since I am very interested in his brother's best friend..

That's good that you moved on, it makes it easier. You know you made a mistake, and it's okay. Everyone makes mistakes. So you sent a naked picture, if that's the worse thing you do in life, you're doing pretty good. As for this girl, that was really low of her to send that picture out, she had no business doing so. You know, maybe in a couple of months your ex will be able to sit down and realize that you are sorry and be able to let it go. Maybe you shouldn't do anything with his brother's friend though just in case it stirs something up with him.

Thanks so much.(: This other guy though, he doesn't care for me.. So I guess no worries there.. But maybe you're right, and I should just leave my ex to his own and let it go. Well thanks!

I'm glad I could help :)

I'm so sorry this happened. I think the best thing may be to apologize one last time to your ex. Tell him what happened was a mistake, but he may not be able to forgive you for sending a picture of yourself naked to his brother. Especially if you and your ex never did anything sexual. He could be hurt from that, he could be hurt because you knew how jealous it made him when you talked to his brother. But it could also be that he thinks you are completely over him by sending that picture to his brother. It'll be hard, but may you should move on. Sometimes saying goodbye is hard, but something like that, could be hard for him to get over anytime soon. I think that your best bet is to right now leave him alone and let him lick his wounds. Maybe in a couple of months tell him again how sorry you are, and how you just want to move on.