2 And 1/2 3 1 Numbers Of Two Best Friends

I made a mistake about 3 years ago. I was in 8th grade and me and this guy started becoming really good friends we actually became best friends and we met through my best friends family. I started to like him and let him no that when he asked me because he was feeling the same way. but then i just stopped talking to him I didn't want anything to do with him i ruined a perfectly good friendship because i was afraid of dating him. well now after us still being best friends for about 2 and a half years (we lost touch for about 6 months after i was a ***** and stopped talking to him) we are dating and I realize that i was stupid before because even though its only been official for about a week and a half I can already tell that this might be my first relationship that lasts longer then a month. back in 8th grade i hadn't even had my first kiss yet an he was already a sophomore. now im a sophomore and hes a senior and we are actually happy. he told me that i need to forget about the past because he has and I still feel guilty as hell. The point is i shouldn't of been afraid of anything because our friendship made it through my bitchiness it should survive a break up and whatever the hell else might happen.
paris1213 paris1213
18-21, F
Dec 26, 2012