I Only Said It So You Wouldn't Be Mad

What seemed like the perfect relationship is slowly turning into a hand full of complications. he said that he was done saying I love you. He gets mad that I can't hang out a lot and we are starting to bicker about a lot of things. its still early in the relationship and he is my best friend so I'm not giving up yet but if it keeps going this way it might not last to much longer. the only thing is that when we are together its pretty good but because he loves 45 minutes away we see each other about once a week which im fine with but he wishes we saw each other more often. my two girl best friends are in long distance realtionships to and they see each other a lot less then just once a week which is why i dont complain about it. I just hope it wasn't a mistake deciding to go out with him instead of leaving him in the friend zone.
paris1213 paris1213
18-21, F
Jan 14, 2013