I remember the way that you cane into my life. I was a lost man with with nothing to live for. One day you showed up,on the street I live on. You told me to stand,and grabbed me by hand. I said "don't you have a man?" She said you are man. I thought that was the best that ever happened to me. Its crazy how much you mean to me.
Chorus:you are my world (3x)
There where plenty of times I could've gave on life. I was told by a man I'd never get a wife. Up until that day (I met you) I thought that he was right. I was never happy til you came in my life. Now I know it feels to have someone love you. Actually care bout what you do. I never had that til I met you
Chorus repeats
You may not think that its much , but I think it is.
You are my light in this very dark abyss. I think that's why you're worth to me that much,before you came I wasnt very much. She says that's OK baby I understand. I went through life search in for that loving man. How could I not see that you are my man?
Chorus repeats
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Please change the first time and last time I said "man" to "mine"