I had an experience I really wanted to have. It was dark. I added a lot of little details that I would like to be part of that experience, but offered my soul if I could just achieve the big goal. Every detail came true exactly how I had wished they would. It was magical and liberating.
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Very foolish, very short-sighted thing to do. Looks like you've discovered that there's a reality beyond what we can immediately sense and observe (the physical realm), but now you're going to have to fight if you ever want out of Satan's "bloc". Playing in Satan's playground always come at a cost.

But if you ever do see the light and see how cruel and ugly this side that you have joined really is and you want out.... remember that there is hope, that there really is a God who is mighty to save and who is more than capable of helping you out and giving you what you need to cope with the consequences. Consider it from someone who has personally witnessed how much stronger God is than this fraudulent devil who likes to put himself out there and play "god". Fair well.

Then you must had a lot of money send me some of yours ... And in personal message tell me the process how to make pact with him.... Add me on facebook or email me @ shikhayadav0043@ and if you are on kik messanger text me on shikha0043 thank you hail satan...

You don't get a lot of money by sharing it with others.

I am with you Winterstorm1381

Would you care to share any more details?

How did you go about doing this? Can you please tell me?

i have had a simular experience-except i made a pact with a demon named Teerjaal.i offered my soul if he would get rid of my greatest was so amazing he appeared as a bright light and it felt as if someone was reaching into me,replacing my soul with an energy so foreverlasting...sorry for rambling...

Everything I asked for came exactly true - even the little extra details. Years later I had what felt like sex with a sucubus - could of just been a dream. Again no vision, but that time there were very real feelings.

Can u plzz tell me how to make a proper pact with Lucifer so he doesn't rob me blindly

Stop worrying about being robbed and take what you want.

what did u ask for? so you didnt see anyone? And did everything you ask for come to you?

This all just took place in my thoughts - there was no vision. It was not the least be scary - just extremely comfortable. This happened 15 years ago and life has been extremely good ever since.

how did you make this contract? What did he look like or is he a shadow? Were you not scared?

There is a lot to be said for MAGICAL DEEDS DONE AFTER MIDNIGHT

Amen Uriel! I always get what I want.

I don't know you. I could care less where you spend eternity.

Even in the midst of Hell itself; I will never ofter my soul to the biggest betrayer of the all..Lucifer !<br />
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Philippians 2:12