Technology: The Downfall Of Modern Man

Was there actually life before technology? The answer is yes and we called it living. Sure technology has some good qualities to it, but do these outweigh the bad? Let's explore some of the wonderful aspects first shall we. It has made being a ********* much easier than it once was. Gone are the days of driving around in your personal rape van with the dark tinted windows. You no longer have to park outside a school in your ice cream truck. Now you simply go into a chat room and there they are ready to be preyed upon. It certainly has made parenting much easier as well. Just park your kids in front of the cpu and let them roam around freely. No harm can come through the use of a computer. Let them have their own Facebook page as well where they can converse or befriend any pervert or freak that's out there. The days of flying under the radar are over as well. Everywhere you go they want some piece of information about you. Why is it when I go to buy a loaf of bread you need my phone number? These stores are everywhere Best Buy, Radio Shack and your local supermarket. They all want to know something about you that's none of their business. Why in God's name would you give out your personal info to whomever asks? You don't even know who you're actually giving it to. We have gps built into everything but our skin. Don't worry that's coming soon enough. Why the hell does anyone need to know where I am all the time? I can let all my Facebook friends know that I just left my house and took a walk down the street with a single push of a button. I can't even download an app online or on my phone without first giving permission for someone to have access to all my personal info. Technology also is largely responsible for creating a lazy,dumb and weak generation. You no longer need to spell or use grammar correctly because the cpu will do it all for you. Yet most people in my opinion are even too lazy to use spell check or auto-correct. Why pick up a book and read when you can use a mouse and read whatever some complete moron has posted as fact. Why try and learn something new each day when you're constantly bombarded by bright colors and fancy webpages? Technology is not advancing the human race. In fact it is doing the exact opposite. Forget trying to get reliable information anymore, those days are gone. You can literally get the same story on many websites each with their own unique spin put on them. It is clouding your mind from seeking the truth. Which site do you believe and which ones don't you? Technology really became dangerous with the invention of the radio and since has only become worse. The television shows people watch are absolutely ridiculous. People now care more about who got kicked off "American Idol" than what is actually happening in the world around you. Instead of going out and living life as it was meant to be it seems you live vicariously through others. Mainly through this bullshit called "reality t.v." You don't even need to go outside to stay fit, instead just plug in the old game console and pretend you're actually getting in shape. It also limits the need for real human interactions. Why go out and meet somebody when you can date right from your own home? Why actually converse with people face to face when you have a webcam? It's been proven that you don't even have to leave your house (except possibly for work) and you can still survive. Instead of using technology to cure cancer or whatever the disease of the week is, let's just put all our efforts into making better t.v.'s or laptops,cellphones, and the list goes on. So what happens when all this fancy technology is taken away? What happens when the economy collapses because you're too busy wondering who's on "Dancing With The Stars." What happens when the only information you receive is disinformation? What happens when the power goes out or a satellite doesn't work? I'll tell you exactly what will happen. This whole entire generation of half retards will be totally lost. I say retard because these are the same people who eat cinnamon,guzzle milk,eat hand sanitizer, ghost ride etc etc. Not a single one of you will be able to fix **** because instead of reading about how things work you rely totally upon these things to live. Could anyone figure how to turn an entire power grid back on? Can you fix a broken cellphone or cpu? Sure there are a few exceptions to this, but what happens when those people die? By then you probably won't even be able to communicate with one another. OMG I have to talk to an actual human in person. You're language will have devolved to lol,omg,rotflmao,ttyl and so on. So what good has technology really done for us? Well it gave us "Jersey Shore" for one. Please people get off your ***** and go outside. Communicate with people in proper english. Try and expand your mind a bit each day. Seek the truth out about what is actually transpiring around you. Quit being lazy,fat retards that rely totally upon technology to guide your existence. Or heed my words you will pay for this mistake in the future. And by all means stop letting the entire world know each time you take a ****.
relmcoy2001 relmcoy2001
36-40, M
May 4, 2012