Mothafu**in Life!

hei everyone. to this point, I have absolutely no idea of what should I do with my stress. I browsing a website for couple hours trying to get rid of my god damn stress and happened to stumbled on this page. so, here is my confession...

I live overseas, let says it was one of the biggest city in the country I'm living on. I live with my friends from same collage and most of them seems to be getting along except ME. yeah they all have a good life, good friends, ain't got problems with the way they speak English, have a decent jobs which is related to the subject they were studying. me, I used to had a job... it is a low paid job compared to the other, I'm dealing with rubbish, trash, wiping floors and all things related to cleaning that u can imagine. I tried to find a better job but no luck considering my terrible awful list of jobs in my CV. There were cases when i got called for interview but due to my average English, I never got accepted. I mean, my English was a decent one, good for any formal conversation to fulfill the role I'm looking right now but not good enough to be beyond friendly with anyone like telling how is our weekend and etc. compared to other fella out there who cant speak decent English like bunch of people who work at local food court doing dish washing for 10 years, I am obviously better.

so here I'm stuck with boring life, got no job and feeling ashamed wherever and whenever I go. i met a friend i feel embarrassed not having a decent job. at my flat, I'm embarrassed trying to start a conversation. I opened twitter and messenger, I feel up most jealously with all my friends having fun and stuff. I can only live here less than 2 years and once the deadline met, I will gone for good, back to my respective country.

I'm thinking of committing suicide if things stay the same for the next 2 years.
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2 Responses Dec 11, 2012

hi there.... its been 1 month. and I must say that things have a big improvement. I got a JOB (WOOOHHOOO) at a luxury international brand as one of the front office team member. it has great pay (much much better) than my last job. I sacrifice a lot for this opportunity ( shave all hair to be a skin head, buy a brand new dark grey suit , suffer 3 times interview

good news , now do it well so you dont lose it .

Why did you move if you didn't have good English ?