I Was Terribly Mislead

I have made a couple of postings regarding issues with my oldest daughter and in trying to help her I have ended up homeless.  The whole thing about my sharing a house with her and my grandchildren was a farce. A bald faced lie!  She NEVER intended that we live under the same roof.  She told me in Feb that she wanted me there and I asked her why me because we are two completely different people.  I am decisive and responsible and she is immature and reckless and completely irresponsible.  She was adamant that she wanted me there and although my common sense and past experiences warned me against doing so I agreed specifically so that my grand children would not end up homeless again and hopping from house to house.  Right now one is in CA with my sister and the other 2 are in FL with my niece. They want to come back here and they want to be together.  My daughter convinced me to GIVE UP MY HOME to help out with the kids.  Right now I am homeless as I said and I am renting a room from an Aunt of hers at 75 a week.  My daughter had lied about the house, about moving in with me, about everything.  She had manipulated me and her Aunt and had us disliking each other and not speaking by telling hateful lies back and forth about us so we had no idea that she was playing this game and this woman was about to put me in the streets and I would have literally been in the streets because I had no where else to go.  My daughter had lied to the man who was "fixing up" the house and told him that "we" would give him a loan!  I gave that man my money thinking that I was paying RENT.  We were supposed to move in on Mar1. There are no walls in that house, there is no electric box, no plumbing, no nothing!  My money was spent on something else and the guy doesn't have it to give back.  My daughter came to me in Feb and told me about moving in but on Weds of LAST WEEK she tells her Aunt that I asked her to move into the house with her but she's not sure that it would work!  I would not have known anything about this if I hadn't braved the womans animosity and asked to use her car.  That's when we had our talk and ALL of the lies my child had told to me and about me came out!. The Aunt said my daughter had talked about me like an unwanted dirty dog and had all of them positively hating me!  I had no idea that any of this was going on because she presented me with one smiling face and showed them another hateful one.  When all was said and done it was me that suffered the greatest loss because I have no home, I have no money, and I have no where to go!  I still can't understand why this girl would do such a thing to me after all of the sacrifices that I made for her, after the times that I have gone out of my way to help her out, after all that I endured from her and for her, and the fact that I am terminally ill, and going blind did not prevent her from destroying what little security that I had.  She lied to me to about some things that also came to light regarding her--extracurricular activities--and concerns over the well being of her children.  So now here I am contemplating suicide to end all of the troubles that I am having because of her.  The fact that she caused me to give up my home based on a lie hurts me more than I could have imagined one could be hurt.  She used my grandchildrens plight to persuade me to leave what I had and take an uncertain road.  It's a road that's led me to my current state. I am on disability and can't afford to get into another place and I can't stay here because my daughter lives here and is still smiling in my face as if she has not destroyed my little life.  I don't use anything in this house.  I have a microwave and I eat what I can nuke.  I haven't eaten a well balanced nutritious meal in two weeks and I am just so sick.  I'm losing weight and there's nothing to be done about it.  WHY WOULD MY DAUGHTER DO SUCH A TERRIBLE THING TO ME???????  She doesn't per say hate me but there seems to be a need to mess my uncomplicated life up.  I don't have problems other than my health. I keep to myself and my my own business. She on the other hand has a strife filled existence with constant pulling in the negative 24/7 and she always makes bad choices.  We believe that she doesn't want her children back.  She was supposed to have gotten a job and saved up for a house for them and in almost a years time she has done nothing and has nothing not even furniture!  Those children will come back here to what they left. NOTHING!  I certainly can't help them now! I don't have anything to offer them either thanks to their mother.  My sister and I have discussed her getting full custody of all of them and giving them a good life. Her husband is an officer in the military.  I told her that I would support her in any way that I can.  I am lost and I have no direction set for me.  Unless I can win the lottery and get myself together again I am forfeit.
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Well thinking about suicide means you are in desperate need of help. I am always here if you need to talk. But also check out this site:<br />
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http://www.helpguide.org/mental/suicide_help.htm<br />
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At the bottom they also have suicide prevention. <br />
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Your daughter seems unfit to care for those children and since you are not able to, a family member or a friend of the family should. Or at leasts put them in protected care until one of you guys can. Stop thinking your daughter means well. She manipulates to get what she wants. From now on to you she has used up all her chances. She is now on her own. There is no way should you have to pay for her mistakes while she doesn't learn from them. Find away to help the children and make her fend for herself. Find her resources to go to but don't help too much. And don't give her money directly. If she needs something, you will decide if she needs it or not and if she does, you get it for her. She cares only for her self and not so much about you. You need to realize that she only wants to use you. Deep down she cares about you but it is hidden. For once in her life make her really work for it. If you can, take the stuff she cares about (legally do it) and if she wants them back she will need to work for it. She needs tough love.