My Weakiness

One of the social flaws I have is offering advise to people, even people I do not know well. This flaw may come from years of counseling people on careers, relationships, being a mediator or just because I have a personality flaw that I desire to solve everyone’s problems.
My big social mistake today was to offer advise to an EP friend when they did not ask for any. I may have destroyed the friendship and trust by being pushing my advise when they did not for any.
I do not think I am smarter than anyone else, or that I have a right to get involved into his or her problems. I am aware that I do have knowledge, experience, and skills that can help others. To me it would be a waste for me to not share these problem skills to help others.
So if you are my friend, beware that I may butt in and try and help you. If I go to far I will not feel insulted if you point out the fact that you did not ask for advise or need my help.
Hopefully we can still remain friends.
Jones47 Jones47
61-65, M
1 Response Aug 7, 2010

I at times suffer from the same affliction. But I do try to live by a credo that works for me and it's based upon some sage advice from someone else!<br />
Advice is ONLY to be offered in one of two situations: 1. When it is asked for and 2. When it's a matter of life and death. <br />
Bill in Va.