Heh Yeah...

my step..... i decided to come to an internet cafe and i did..heh it sounds easy to u but its my first time!
last night i told someone on ep some things...that few days ago i searched ways on the net to kill myself..dont worry ok,i just say that i feel so low and today suprise...i did a big step..im here ,on an internet cafe..ok there are few ppl now but maybe i can come again and slowly slowly...
i really feel low and then im trying again..steps backwards and forward....
and im also glad to see ep on a pc after so long!
amysangels amysangels
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Amy, I am on here everynight, day, I work in Afghanistan, I am and 73 years old and live through a lot. Raised 2 wonderful daughters and they are still my best friends. If you ever want to talk get hold of me. ed

Congratulations on your accomplishment. Remember, one victory at a time, one day at a time. <br />
YEAH AMY! As June1999 stated, watch out for the young men looking to find a hottie like you. :)<br />

You don't know me but I'm excited for you! You're on your way to being the woman you want to be! Much love to you!

This is awesome! :)

hugs snow*i wish that too...

Congrats Amy...Each step will become easier with time. :)

wib i thank u..u know why..hugs

well done amy ... we are all proud of you

thank u..hugs*heh i dont believe it either.

heh :) thanks dad .hugs<br />
<br />
glad to see u bublina.hugs

wow! Congrats, Amy. It's awesome! :) <br />

umm there are many computers and some games too

yeah june....heh no worries the only man here now is i think 12 years old :P heh heh

Remember not to be too hard on yourself. It IS an accomplishment! I'm glad you did it.<br />
<br />
Don't flirt too soon now, young men are weak when it comes to pretty girls ;-)