Brief Encounter

A few months ago I was travelling in the West Country on business, and stopped overnight at a small hotel. The only other residents on that cold autumn night were a couple, quite a bit younger than me, staying in the room next to mine. The wife was quite a looker, but fairly demure in her choice of clothes, and they seemed rather quiet.

I showered and changed and went down to the bar to have a drink before dinner. The couple were there, sitting quietly together, and they both looked up as I walked in and went to the bar. A very pretty girl appeared behind the bar, and I got my drink and sat down, quite near the couple, as it was a very small bar. Since we were the only people there we started to chat about the usual mundane things, weather, jobs, where we were from and so on, and when the menus arrived we discussed the choices and ordered at the same time, prompting the pretty girl, who seemed to be doing every job that evening, to ask if we were going to sit together. The attractive wife immediately said yes, if that was ok with me, which, of course, it was.

We went on talking, as the courses and wine were consumed, but as we were near the end of our final course I sensed the couple looking at me a bit strangely, and also glancing meaningfully at each other. Finally, we ordered coffee, and a cognac each, and I noticed the wife raise her eyebrows at her husband, and he nodded his head, almost imperceptively.

Once we were sipping our cognacs, Alice, the wife, told me that John had something to ask me, whereupon she got up and went to the ladies. John seemed extremely nervous, and kept looking around, perhaps for help, but there was none forthcoming, so he made a decision and started to talk. It would seem that he had been harbouring a fantasy for some years, and recently had confessed it to his wife. He wanted his wife to have sex with another man. At first she was dead against the idea, but recently she had relented a bit, making the stipulation that she would choose the man, and that John mustn't mention it again until she did. So it was, that when she saw me enter the hotel earlier in the evening, she just said to John 'him', looking over at me.

With his confession out in the open, John looked as though he had totally disgraced himself, and kept saying sorry. To put him out of his misery, I told him that I would love to  **** his wife, but that I didn't want him watching. He could stay in his room and listen through the walls. He thanked me, just as Alice returned from the loo, wearing a smirk on her face. I stood up and walked towards her, I held out my arms and she walked in to them, and I kissed her, gently, passionately, lovingly. When we broke the kiss, I said that we should go to bed, and as we left I turned to John and told him not to wait up, he could have his wife back in the morning.

Well, we had the most amazing sex, I licked her breasts and nipples, I licked all down her body, and then between her legs, I spent a happy ten minutes using my tongue and lips between her legs, inside her gash, and then concentrated on her **** until she had a screaming climax. I lay back and said, 'my turn', and she used her mouth on me until I was as hard as a pole, and I then rolled on top of her and entered her forcefully. We screwed hard and fast, then long slow strokes then I rammed her with a fury, she kept screaming that I was soooo big! As I started to lose control and drive for home, she yelled that she was ******* again. We both went over the edge together, and our ******* fed off each other, leaving us breathless and exhausted. We lay together for a while, just gently kissing each other, then as I went limp, I rolled away and we lay on our backs, side by side.

After about fifteen minutes Alice moved round and took my limp **** into her hand, and then into her mouth and began to resurrect my member with her skilful mouth. I soon became hard again, and she climbed on top of me and started to ride me, slowly and gently at first, then faster and harder, and then she was shouting, 'yes, yes, yes!' and obviously close to *******, so I let go and yet again we both came together, with Alice prolonging her ****** by rubbing her self back on forth on my rapidly wilting penis. Still eager she then worked her way up my body and placed her ***** over my mouth. She gradually settled her weight on me, and started using my face to get herself off again. This was pure selfishness on her part, as I could barely breath and my own *** was dribbling down my throat, but I did the gentlemanly thing and started to use my tongue on her ****, as best I could. It seemed to work, as in no time she was ******* again, this ****** seemed to be the biggest, and it was certainly the longest. I couldn't breath at all as she was *******, and actually was beginning to panic, but finally she rolled off me.

As we calmed down, she told me that she'd just had the best sex of her entire life, and that her husband was useless, had a tiny *****, and came almost straight away, leaving her dissatisfied. She thought he had been such an idiot, as now she realised what she had been missing, he would be no use to her at all. I suggested she get a **** cage, and keep him locked up, so that he isn't likely to complain about her lovers, and she thought that was a brilliant idea.

Eventually we drifted off to sleep, but in the morning we had another passionate **** before breakfast. As we were all leaving the hotel I gave Alice a little present I happened to have with me, a little double leather photoframe for her handbag, and I got John to take a couple of pictures of Alice and I kissing, and fondling each other. I gave John something more practical, a vibrating *****, with a handle, for him to use on Alice when she needed a decent *******. It was exactly the same size and shape as my ****, which Alice noticed and mentioned to John. She then broke the news to him about the **** cage, and she and I exchanged phone numbers so we could hook up when I was next in their part of the world.

A brief encounter, but a wonderful one...I must give Alice a ring and have some more fun. Poor John he should have kept that fantasy to himself
djonlothario djonlothario
46-50, M
May 18, 2012