On A Mission

Surely I can think of something to say on all the groups I have joined! If I have experienced each one of them... I best tell why, where, how, when...something... even if it's short and sweet! ;-)
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2 Responses Dec 4, 2012

groups? okay let's go

Okay brat! lmao - I guess you are right..Again!!!!!! I will join and attempt the same. It does make sense. Yeah, I will do it - What is a reasonable time limit to get the job done? Also, I am still in need of creating/finding groups for the stories that I have been saving. Hmmph! Kim - Good Luck to you as well my sweet!

Me a brat? lol.. No way! ;-) A reasonable time limit..huh.. hope not. My time is limited here due to working like a dog. But... now it's ...tis the season, less time than normal. Sooooo... *smile* Take care, of yourself WiseOldeHag! lol... shakes head...

I changed my name again for the final time. I am now as you can see, KrazyAuntKim, that suits me, because out here in the real world that is what I am called the most - Aunt Kim and she is crazy and you will love her!!! LMAO - I didnt look yet to see how many groups you belong to, or that I belong to either for that matter! tee hee.
Kim (so you liked the hag name heh? LOL)

no, the WiseOlde part. take care