It Is Time To Write

I really have been holding on to a whole lot of "story worthy" events in my life that I know I should have written about. I used to write so many stories undwer KrazyCoyoteKim and KrazeeKimberly as well. Life is happening so quickly and it would be selfish of me to not share, wouldnt it? I have had EP peeps request for a while now that I start writing again, and thanks to one of my peeps...I followed her here. So, keep after me people.. I always procrastinate it seems and I really do have much to tell that should be quite entertaining.
KrazyAuntKim KrazyAuntKim
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

is this supposed to be the crone story?

No, I have tons of stories that I have been to lazy to write - Like remember you wanted me to write the Demon visit story? And about an hour ago I even have a new story about affirmations from nature - Then I have the stories about my re-discovery of the first mother within (similar to the warrior stuff) and Hell, I also within the last few days visited my my newly deceased Uncle and wtf? This is still all your fault - All kinds of crazy stuff happening since that night we laughed for 3 hours and got all crazy! Its all good though. Remember me asking you about the chiming and bells and all that stuff? Why I thought others around the world would hear it I dont know - so I found the appropriate label for something I have been going thru forever - I am a sensitive - that is why I feel and hear what I feel and hear! tee hee - Crazy heh? Does that make me new age my love? you visit your deceased uncle? didn't he came to visit you? lol... true sensitives don't associate with new age bullshittt hahaha

No - he visited me - But I no like to talk to dead peeps - I only talk to demons and "others" LOL - But my Uncle he don't care about my rules! He loves me. Oh well, atleast he only stayed for a day! Guffaw! I know it is killin ya to know the story - But I gotta pee little Miss! Kim