You Wanted To Say Something

Someone wrote this to me about being in some group:

"to summarize, anyone with a sane mind who seek spiritual evolution and ancient teaching would advise you not to waste time on this forum, the whole point is more about who is the more nasty the more alpha male uncaring abuser and that's about it, that's mostly what will get some interest here, anything a bit too subtle or making more than 2 lines in a row will be discarded and you will just get called more name because you are able to put two idea together instead of just focusing on how much of the most nasty uncaring stupid abuser you can be to prove how manly you are on the internet site, and everything you do or say will only be understood and estimated as how much of an uncaring alpha male abuser it make you look, any other subtiltily about actual teaching or spiritual evoluton will be mostly discarded in favor to how much you respect the authority of X or Y member and how it position you in the alpha male chain of the most uncaring abuser, don't expect really anyone to be nice, welcoming, interesting or such, it is mostly about who can be the more ignoring and uncaring of other while pretending to be fair and empathic, it is very hypocrit, and mostly a game that only some hardcore megalomaniac has any interest into playing, but you can always try to make this place evolve with ancient teaching, miracles can happen"

So this was my response:

May I ask why you generalize like this?

Everywhere you find interesting people,

and you can learn from everybody,

if you generalize too much you will miss something valuable,

there is goodness in all people,

even though if some people classify them as bad,

and most important of all is that you can learn from your enemy.

this is just all EGO talk,

when you feel victimized,

you don't want to see the greater reason behind it,

I feel that everyone who has a desire to speak,

has a desire to teach something....

not just to simply attack or abuse anyone...

even then if it is their sole purpose you can still learn from their behaviour.

indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
Dec 7, 2012