Made It, Almost Didn't

Right at 7 years, things started to fall apart. It wasn't just one thing, but many all at once. My husband and I filed for divorce. Luckily, we were able to reconcile and end the divorce. Just three days before it was finalized!! I'm happy to say now that we were able to sort through our issues and we are happier than ever!! So yes, we beat the 7 year itch!!! :)
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I attended a lecture by an anthropologist who studied this and she proposed that it's not the 7 year itch, it's really the 4 year itch. This is because when you meet someone and fall head-over-heels in love, your brain floods your system with endorphins that make you feel wonderful and you just can't wait to see and talk to your new love.After 3-4 years your brain can't do it any longer and shuts down the endorphin flow, so you start noticing the toilet seat left up/down, the dirty dishes in the sink instead of being washed and put away, the working late at night becomes suspicious to you, etc. etc. That's when most couples hit the rocks, at 4 years not 7 years.

actually, I have read contradicting evidence of them all. I've heard it being 7 years, I've heard it being 4 years, and I've also heard 2 and 3 years. the Seven Year Itch has been a common phrase for several decades.-with much thanks to Marilyn Monroe. I was just stating my experience with this phrase, I was not intending to get into an anthropological dispute.