Cabin Lake!

I have written an erotic story based on some of these experiences but my parents own a cabin that is on a mountain lake. I have spent many hot summer and crisp fall nights on the dock at that lake making love.  It is one of my favorite places in this world.

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Dammi il tuo vino leggero che hai fatto quando non c'ero e le lenzuola di lino dammi il sonno di un bambino<br />
Che "ta" sogna cavalli e si gira e un po' di lavoro fammi abbracciare una donna che stira cantando.<br />
E poi fatti un po' prendere in giro prima di fare l'amore vesti la rabbia di pace e sottane sulla luce. <br />
<br />
<br />
Give me your light wine that you made while I was away and linen sheets, give me the sleep of a child that goes like "ta", dreams of horses, and turns on the other side<br />
and a bit of work<br />
let me hug a woman that sings while doing the ironing.<br />
And then let me make fun of you a bit<br />
before we make love .... dress up the anger as peace,<br />
and put skirts on the light.


Your Laughter <br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
Take bread away from me, if you wish,<br />
take air away, but<br />
do not take from me your laughter.<br />
<br />
Do not take away the rose,<br />
the lance flower that you pluck,<br />
the water that suddenly<br />
bursts forth in joy,<br />
the sudden wave<br />
of silver born in you.<br />
<br />
My struggle is harsh and I come back<br />
with eyes tired<br />
at times from having seen<br />
the unchanging earth,<br />
but when your laughter enters<br />
it rises to the sky seeking me<br />
and it opens for me all<br />
the doors of life.<br />
<br />
My love, in the darkest<br />
hour your laughter<br />
opens, and if suddenly<br />
you see my blood staining<br />
the stones of the street,<br />
laugh, because your laughter<br />
will be for my hands<br />
like a fresh sword.<br />
<br />
Next to the sea in the autumn,<br />
your laughter must raise<br />
its foamy cascade,<br />
and in the spring, love,<br />
I want your laughter like<br />
the flower I was waiting for,<br />
the blue flower, the rose<br />
of my echoing country.<br />
<br />
Laugh at the night,<br />
at the day, at the moon,<br />
laugh at the twisted<br />
streets of the island,<br />
laugh at this clumsy<br />
boy who loves you,<br />
but when I open<br />
my eyes and close them,<br />
when my steps go,<br />
when my steps return,<br />
deny me bread, air,<br />
light, spring,<br />
but never your laughter<br />
for I would die. <br />
<br />
Pablo Neruda

Your Feet <br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
When I cannot look at your face <br />
I look at your feet. <br />
Your feet of arched bone, <br />
your hard little feet. <br />
I know that they support you, <br />
and that your sweet weight <br />
rises upon them. <br />
Your waist and your breasts, <br />
the doubled purple <br />
of your nipples, <br />
the sockets of your eyes <br />
that have just flown away, <br />
your wide fruit mouth, <br />
your red tresses, <br />
my little tower. <br />
But I love your feet <br />
only because they walked <br />
upon the earth and upon <br />
the wind and upon the waters, <br />
until they found me. <br />
<br />
Pablo Neruda