Remembering The First Time I Slept With A Woman.

I was down south and met this couple who found me interesting because of my accent. I was a single gal then. We met and had a drink, as I was about to leave because we were only suppose to meet and talk, the woman busted open my blouse and kissed me on my breast, then she went down on me, immediately I forgot what it was like when a man did that to me. We went at it all night the three of us playing different roles. I even ****** her husband. We hooked up a couple times after that. I would do it all over again if I had the chance, problem is now that I am married my husband will only share me with another woman and that hasn't happened yet. He needs to do something fast, the urges are still very strong, I don't think they ever left. That was one of my best experiences in my life.

Fromdeislands Fromdeislands
31-35, F
Mar 2, 2010