It was a late night and the urge overwhelmed my senses, some thing to the point that a gentle touch of myself would not complete. I logged on to a local chat sight for women in my area, and low and behold I located her.

I called and we talked, my voice sounded of eagerness and desire as she soon picked up on this and offered to come over. After zero hesitation of me giving her my address, she was knocking on my door in about 10 minutes. I answered the door in a robe, yet my desire was protruding out the front slit. She smiled and step in as she reached for it and slowly started to stroke it between her soft hands.

She removed her sweat pants and jacket, revealing that was all she had on to protect her from the elements. My fingers found my way inside of her as her legs parted to allow my access. she knelt down at the door way and took me into her mouth, showing all the attention needed to fulfill a mans desire. I was so into the excitement, I left the front door open, not caring of the show at the entrance way.

I lifted her up and turned her around letting her walk up the stairs to the bed room. I stopped her half way up the stairs only to spread her legs and let my face bury deep into her now wet opening. Her taste was of sweet nectar in which only a women can produce and make it quite intoxicating.

He excitement had her rocking back and forth as my tongue buried deeper into her, drawing out more of her juices. I looked up and smiled as her rear opening was pink and smelled of a rich perfume. I licked up, letting my tongue pierce into her, her moan more pleasurable then the last as she scream out a moan wanting more of me. I pulled her hips into me tasting her for at least another ten minutes before letting her stand and proceed up the stairs.

I opened my door in which I had candles and a dim light lit. she laid on the bed as her legs spread wide asking for my entrance into her. The candle light reflecting of the glistening wetness in which she displayed in full view for me to see, as her aroma filled my nostrils hardening my desire that much more for her. My fingers pierced into her as I felt her walls tighten around them, drawing me into her.

I let my hand becoming drenched in her insatiable desire to climax over and over. I took the wetness she produce for me and used it to stroke my desire for her, my throbbing shaft glistening now in the candle light, her desire growing from it's sight. she leaned forward letting her hand stroke it again, using her own juices as a slick base for the smooth stroking action.

The sensation seemed to be overwhelming my senses as I stopped her from stroking and laid her back, spread her beautiful legs wider, allowing her pink opening to widen and beckon for my entrance. I held my shaft out straight as I pushed into her, piercing into her slowly filling up her aching desire.

I felt her walls tighten as I pushed deeper into her, he legs wrapping around my waist drawing me into her accepting my entrance and begging for more. I leaned down and caresses her supple breasts that heaved in the candle light shadowing her erect nipples. the site was enticing as my tongue encircled her nipple sucking it gently, then biting down a little, hearing her gasp.

I thrust into her as she moaned and begged for more. Her nails digging into my back ad slide down to pull my rear into her pushing me in deeper. I felt her walls tighten as I pushed deep feeling the tip of my shaft hit a barrier. Her screams were loud as she moaned for God and never leave from inside her.

I felt my desire throb as the familiar sensation of climax was fast approaching. I moaned as it built up and she smiled and back out letting my shaft spring against my stomach. she bent over and smiled as she spread her backside apart and her pinkness opened up allowing me to enter her from behind. I smiled and slide into her smoothly as if not missing a beat.

I felt the sensation growing quickly into me as I continued to thrust, I mention I was close and she continued to push into me faster and faster. I laid back as I let her finish me off with her insatiable need to draw out my seed for her consumption. I moaned loud as she pulled away and turned towards me. He mouth finding it's way to my shaft as it work it up and down her hands massaging what needed massaging.

I moaned as my sack began to recede up into me and her mouth closed tight around my shaft working it back and forth swallowing and taking every drop I produced. I moaned in pleasure as she continued to suck and lick the tip, drying and cleaning my shaft of every last drop of me seed.

we lay there for a few moments as I smile and look over to her, and she smiles back and nods. she stands up wiping her mouth and thighs as slides it across my stomach. She leaned down and kisses my shaft and patted it softly.

"Call me anytime" she said as she walked out the bedroom door.

I laid in bed for a few more minutes and heard the front door shut as she left and her car was started and gone. I smiled and slept soundly.

I still thank back to that night as a good motivation and hope again, I meet up with another one night stand as memorable as that one.
jimbofett jimbofett
36-40, M
Aug 20, 2014