Innocent Comforting Turns More Serious.

Shes about 8 years older than I am so I grew up with a huge crush on her. It was no secret to her and she amused herself by seeing how horny she could get me. Or so it seemed to me. Well her husband has been sick for a long time and it has taken an emotional toll on her. She is a strong woman but sometimes the weight of the world seems to be on her shoulders. I spent a week with her and her family last month while in her area for business . Her husband is in a hospice and she spends most days there but every night she is alone. She is in her mid 50's now and not exactly the 19/20 year old I had a crush on but still a very attractive woman. Long story short and i'll skip the graphic details since i'm not sure how liberal this room is we went to bed togeather that night. That night and every day and night till I left to return home to my wife and kids. (didn't mention that I was married). So i'm reminded of a song from my youth (Dazed And Confused, by Led Zepplin) Feels as though i'm living out the song.
Anyway not looking for a response to this, just felt compeled to write it down even if noone else sees it.
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46-50, M
Jan 23, 2013