A Romantic Murder Scene

I love doing romantic things for my Kaaky, so early in our relationship I made us reservations to get away for the weekend at a nice hotel. I got there before her to set things up...lots of scented candles, soft music, bubbles in the jetted tub and the petals of two dozen red roses sprinkled all over the bed.

As I had hoped, my darling loved the gestures, and it wasn't long before we were making mad, passionate love on the petal covered bed. Like always, the sex was wonderful, vigorous, varied and lengthy, leaving us both drained and sleepy.

When we finally got up and looked at the bed, it looked like someone had been axe murdered in it...the color from the rose petals had stained the white sheets as we crushed and smeared them around during our love-making.

I can only guess as to maid's reaction, lol. Ever since then, we have used silk petals :-)
ganconagh ganconagh
46-50, M
Dec 8, 2012