My Grandpa Taught Me!

When I was a little girl my mom, sister and I lived with my grandpa.  He is a young grandpa because my mom had me at fifteen.  Well, he has always been a partier, not the type to settle down or anything and he loves his women.  Well, like any little girl I loved barbies.  I got a barbie house and new barbies for my third birthday.  I remember the day exactly.  As I was trying out the new barbies in their new house, I put Ken in the bed upstairs and my grandpa said, "Now take off Barbie's clothes and put Barbie in the bed with Ken!"  Everyone started laughing but I didn't understand.  As I was about to remove her clothes, my mom stopped me and scolded her dad.  Several years later, I had a better understanding of sex and when I wanted to get the Barbie pregnant, I would rub their bodies together lol.

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2 Responses Feb 19, 2009

:) Its so funny to look back on it now. I had these strange ideas about sex, I thought it was simply rubbing your "private parts" against the man's and breathing heavy (cause I heard my mom breathing heavy during sex LOL!). Now I'm laughing at how innocent those dirty little barbies games really were. Because I really had no idea.

Well I've always been very maternal and have always wanted kids, so I used to take toilet paper and stuff my barbie's dresses to make them pregnant lol