It Hurt Me So Bad To See Him Cry Like That

It was a few hours after we had a very bad fight. I screamed "I hate you! I wish you died!" and he didn't say anything. He just walked out of the room and slammed his room door (we live together) a few hours later (2 or 3) i heard sobs, wailings and sniffles from the bathroom. Me and him were the only one's in the house. The door wasn't locked so i opened it. I almost fell to my knees when i saw him. He was curled up on the bathroom floor, shaking. Whispering. "Why, me,why me?" I kneeled down next to him and he hugged me tightly. I whispered i'm so sorry in his ear while he cried in my arms. After he calmed down a little (to the point where i could actually understand what he was saying. His eyes didn't stop leaking tears and he kept sniffling. I explained i said what i did out of anger. I told him i loved him more then anything and i told him if he asked me to die i'd die. After that we did a complete make up and i rested my head on his chest while he kissed the top of my head and rubbed my back. Yes, the next day he was fine again but the way he was crying broke my heart so bad. I'll never forgive myself for hurting him.
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Thats so sad :( whats positive is that both of you didnt give up on each other, even after the hurtful comments, when couples get past the worst and they experience each others worse side and can still love them for who they are then the relationship will forever grow strong, like yours :)

Ur 15 and u live with someone already? Wtf

You are very young to have that happen to you

Your age is 13-15 and you live together????