I'll Never Forgive Myself

We've been arguing all week and then on Sunday we were shouting and the people next door were threatening to call the cops. So i quietted my voice but didn't exactly stop yelling. We were on the phone until i heard him sniffle and his voice became shaky. He said "i have to go. I don't want you to hear me cry" and he hung up. That happened last Sunday and he hasn't talked to me since
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2 Responses May 12, 2012


Awwww, that's so sad. You hurt him. I know its hard, but you need to try to say you're sorry. He may not forgive you, especially since its been a week. He may not even think you care that's he's been hurting for all that time. You just need to say what's in your heart. <br />
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Its hard to cry in front of someone else, to be that vulnerable, not everyone is kind & gentle. If you do care, you need to make that effort, even if it isn't received well.