My Poor Baby...i Am So Sorry ;(

iWe've been together since i was 13,and i am now 16. He's a year older then me,which makes him 17. Last week,me and him were watching a random Christmas movie (It might of been Rudolph.) until suddenly his phone began to ring. I was so caught up into the movie,i was startled. He apologized,smiled at me,and put the phone on vibrate. We continued watching the movie. When it was over,he and i kissed for a few minutes,and then cuddled on the couch. I was growing very tired,and i fell asleep in his arms. (I was at his house.) When i awoke the next morning,he was sitting next to me. I was on his bed,and i apologized for falling asleep. He kissed my forehead,and said it was no biggie. I went back to my house,and explained what happened to my parents. They understood and said to get cleaned up,since i looked a bit worn and tired. I changed my clothes,fixed my hair,and took a quick shower. The next day,after school,he walked me back to his house. We talked for a bit,until suddenly i mentioned something i shouldn't of. His mom died due to cancer,6 months after his birth,and he grows very senstive when someone mentions her....i did that. He grew very quiet,and i asked if he was alright after a while. He simply told me to go home,and i opened my mouth to speak,except he went upstairs,and closed his door. I went out to the street,until i realized i had forgotton my backpack inside. I tiptoed back inside his house,and i could hear quiet sobbing from upstairs. I knew he was crying,and it was because i stupidly mentioned his mom. I didn't insult her or anything,all i said was "Your mom loved homework,right? Maybe she could of been an amazing tutor." I didn't find anything wrong with that sentence,but i knew better then to mention his mom. I wanted to go apologize and hold him and kiss him,but i simply grabbed my backpack and quietly closed the door. He avoids me now,and i'm worried he might break up with me. I am so sorry,Brandon ;(
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If he still isn't talking to you, just talk to him, and try to tell him that you didn't mean to make the situation uncomfortable for him or anything..

Love how kids dont think about the other person before they speak now a days.

Generalizations are just wonderful, don't you think?

Yikes good story though

You should talk to him:)