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Part Of The Punishment

Whenever i smack my girls i make them stand in the corner after for 30 minutes.I mostly smack them in their rooms where they are then sent to the corner,while they are there i don't allow them to move or rub their bottoms & i check on them every few minutes to make sure they are doing as they are told.Corner time is always done with their bare bottoms on display.If both girls need smacking at the same time i usually do it in the living room,then when they are sent to the corner i can keep an eye on them.Again they stay there for 30 minutes with their bottoms on show,if i do catch them rubbing their bottoms,moving or talking i smack them again & then corner time starts all over again.I know to some people this seems harsh but i won't have my kids misbehaving,if they do then corner time is part of the punishment.I myself had to do corner time after i was smacked,mostly for an hour,& always in the living room regardless who was in the house,i'm sure my kids hate it as much as i did.
smackedboarder smackedboarder 41-45, F 9 Responses Aug 13, 2011

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I can't believe you guys. I come from a family where I have been spanked and it was considered okay to spank children. My oldest brother spank his children. I used to whip my horses. spanking and hitting have been fundamental in my childhood. Once I thought it was normal and okay. I made a decision to be antiviolent, whenever I could. I am not saying I am perfect and would never do it again, but I don't believe spanking and hitting is the answer. Guys do we want a world where we go around spanking and hitting, punishing each other. You grow up to be okay citizen despite spanking and cruel punishents as children. Despite is the key word. Violence only teach violence

Your right on one part of what you said; violence only teaches violence. But discipline teaches a chid how to behave and lets them know that that sort of behaviour is not tolerated. Discipline is not violent until it becomes abuse.

I agree. You get the point. I am not against discipline, rules. Otherwise the society wouldn't function. I am against violence. Violence against adults is not tolerated. Why is it okay against children.

I suppose that people think that children still have alot to learn, but then again, no adult knows it all, but showing a child right from wrong and letting them know when they have done somthing wrong isnt a bad thing. But as I said, no adult is perfect, so why cant they help children to be of the best possibe standard (btw im lmpp, just on a different account)

The same rules apply in my house although the spanking is usually done in the kitchen or sitting room.

I sometimes spank the girls in the sitting room,especially if they're both in trouble.

I am 40 years old but I am still punished with cornertime by the lady I work for. I am working as a live-in housemaid and when I am not doing my job to the standards the Lady of the house punishes me with one hour cornertime. hands on back and nose in the corner.

I agree with smacked boarder. There is too much political correctness about around the subject of discipline. Spanking is an age old tested and tried method of punishment., It is not supposed to be pleasant or 'democratic'. If a child has brought shame or has disrespected her parents or elders then they need to understand it is not acceptable and feel the shame and pain from a physical punishment. Corner time is a period of reflection and self discipline as well as the shame factor. I suspect the daughters dread it and that focused etter behaviour

Thanks for the comment,yep my girls hate it,they are accepting of the spanking to a certain degree but i get far more begging & pleading when i make them stand in the corner.There is a marked improvement in their behaviour afterwards,even if they do something wrong thats totally different!! I hated corner time myself.

yes corner time is a leveller and my step daughters hate it. They always have to stand ourside of the study (i discipline them from the home office). So it is done in private but the corner time is in view of the house to remind the girl and her sister of the consequences of misbehaviour

The right medicine!

I think it is hard on a girl to stand in the corner for 30 minutes being not allowed to rub her bottom afer a spanking, especially when there is a chance that people walk in and see her in that shameful position. But although I have never given corner time to one of my girls after a spanking (they sometimes got to stand in the corner before, to help them concentrate on what they had coming), I can see your point. Corner time is an additional punishment, and it may well be that because of it you don't have to spank that often.<br />
I wonder what goes through a girl's head during that time in the corner?

I know what went through my head afterwards! I would stand there thinking there was no way i was going to be naughty again.I hated corner time more than the spanking.

Look at the way kids behave today, no respect for anything. It's because of the 'do gooders', there was a saying when I was young, 'spare the rod and spoil the child'. Also 'children should be seen and not heard'. How is it that we were cained, smacked, and punished in other ways and yet most of us grew up into first class citizens.

I was cruel towards my horse. My horse bit me and kicked me. I whipped her - physical hurting another being only instill fear and hate. I completely destroyed the trust. I have found out it being true for humans to - and I have read a lot of psychology. Smackedboarder - can you say you love your parents or trust them deep inside. Could you come to them with your deepest fears, sorrows and thoughts. Did you felt loved?? Do you know what true love is. I don't judge you - I myself have made many mistakes. It is possible to grow up to be a decent person without being spanked.

After i had done corner time i always got a cuddle from my parents &amp; i was told they loved me every day.I do the same with my girls.I trusted my parents &amp; i loved them very much,both have passed now but i could go to them &amp; talk if i had a problem.I was an outgoing kid,nothing held me back i was wilfull &amp; stubborn,my daughters are exactly the same.I do understand that some people can grow up with physical discipline,i grew up in the 70's,way before 'Time outs' were considered a punishment.I've also tried all different types of punishments with my girls,none work,the only time i'm guranteed they won't do the same misbehaviour for a long,long time is if i smack their bottoms.

sorry that should've said 'without physical discipline' - try to look around on the website

You have 'read a lot of psychology'. I have a total of 8 college degrees and 30+ years experience as a marital and family counselor. Spanking administered in a calm and controlled manner, as the vast majority of spanking parents do, does not instil fear or destroy trust, it teaches that improper behavior has adverse consequences.

blah blah blah. if you don't like it, don't come here and read it. no one is telling you how to raise your kids, so don't tell others how to raise theirs.

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It is cruel. Child abuse. Just think about how you felt. Your children feel the same. What was done to you was cruel.

That is just not true. Spanking and cornertime are not abusive in any way. It is never a matter of how the child feels about it at the time (nor how the parent feels, for that matter), it is all about the child learning that improper behavior has adverse consequences.

Don't be ridiculous,iknew someone would moan.I never grew up thinking my parents were cruel,but we all have our own opinions.No doubt theres things you probably do that i would'nt like,but i would'nt tell you it was wrong or even that i disagreed.

I also hated the corner time and the spanking when I was a kid, but that is the whole point. It's punishment, and children are not supposed to like any aspect of it.