I Made A Short Film About Rally Driving Today

I really did, it's true!


Cut and paste the link to my movie, check it out. I took a drive up into the rainforest about half an hour from home, went camping, and then in the very early morning, before any of the tourists woke up, went for a drive through the rainforest on a road that i SWEAR was absoloutely made for rally driving.

It's just shot on my cheap little point and shoot camera, stuck on the dash with a t-shirt pressed up behind it to keep it from falling off, then edited with some free movie editing software. Anyone with a computer and camera can do it. I'm just lucky to have somewhere so beautiful to go a film.

The music is original, too, mine of course. But we already know I make music. now I make movies too! Go team me!
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Thanks for the comments, nice to know people give a ****.<br />
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he said sarcastically to all the ***** who will now ******* comment about my attitude. <br />
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**** off, by the way.