Wasted So Much Time


I ve been graduated in 2007 in an art school, after graduation my main goal was to get a scholarship overseas in order to continue my post graduate studies, i got an opportunity at a well-known university in Australia for student exchange but had no much money for the ticket & stuff & exams they needed & they told me that I wont be able to get a degree anyway, i would have been only studying some subjects for a semester or two,  i took really too bad decisions which i regret,, one of them was that i quite my training so i can have more time for studying TOEFl, i had no money then for the exam, I really missed a lot of opportunities and I know I should have tried more, I also didnt finish things I have started which makes me feel more guilty.

Now its been 3 years, dont know if its too late now, there's a limit age for a scholarship I feel its too late but i still dreaming,, don’t know if I will keep dreaming for the rest of my life or if that will ever come true or I will just remain stuck here, i will try to do my best, just afraid of wasting more time...


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4 Responses Feb 18, 2010

okay , I had the same problem when I graduated , I remember that I missed two scholarships in my field of study , computer science , I missed them because of being lazy and being a spoiled person , now after three years of graduation I wish like I never did that , my advice is to bring a paper and pen and set your plans on a paper , late expirencs taught me that it is simple to acheive goals by setting there in front of your eyes, all it needs is some will ,start over new with new goals with new fresh life and let the life takes its course and see how amazing you are turning to be.Lilo.

Young lady, dreams are wonderful...... BUT............If you want to make your dreams come true, you need to stop feeling sorry for yourself and get going. If you want to return to your studies, Go now and find out what you need to do and go do it, Dreams come true because you force them to come true. You are the driver of your life. Grab life and make it do what you want. You are in charge. I wish you great success and happiness in your life. Hugs and kisses.

Everyone makes mistakes including me. Dreaming too but don't forget some dreams become strong and do come true as Dorothy says in the Wizard of Oz .The thing you have to do if you wish is clear your mind of the thoughts that spin around all the time. Forget the past and the future and concentrate on the Now of life. Zen readings can do this with meditation. Try the past can not be changed and the future be controled.

There is always time for dreams. Too many people on this planet forget about their dreams. Just be true to yourself and keep dreaming. Always reach for your dreams and it will happen.