Our Weekly Sex Group

Each Tuesday night my fiancee and I get together with six other couples for group sex. Most of us are sex addicts and this is how we cope with our unique addiction, by indulging in it as often as we want, as long as we only have sex with other members of the group. This eliminates the chances of STDs and also removes the guilt that often accompanies people with a sex addiction.
Anyway...tonight when we got together my fiancee asked me, "What's in the suitcase?" I told him it was just something special I was told to bring for the group sexperience tonight (Actually, I was the one who called all the other girls and got them excited about what we were going to do to/with our men tonight) and he would find out soon enough. That made him suspicious and concerned, because he knows me sooooo well. lol
We arrived at the house of the couple sponsoring the meeting tonight (Actually last night, now that it's early Wed. morning) and entered, stripping down to nothing as usual. We all chatted a bit and then the meeting began.
Marcia, whose house it was, along with her husband, Stuart, took charge of introducing the activities for the night. She asked us "ladies" if we had brought our items and we each held up or pointed to our suitcases. The men were curious at that point. She then told us to start unpacking and asked the men to all select an exercise mat and take a spot on the carpet, lying face up. These men are all well trained. They did what they were told, not having any idea what was coming, but knowing it would lead to sex, so, who cared, right?
We told them to close their eyes and each of us girls went over to the man we had been partnered with for the "activity". None of us was with our own husband/fiancee, as per normal procedures. To keep the men off balance we each sucked/licked/nibbled on their penises, helping them to grow erect. Then we began spreading shaving gel along the fronts of their legs. A few of the men started to open their eyes, but we reminded them they had to keep them closed. They obeyed. Once their legs were lathered well we began shaving their legs. At this point all the men opened their eyes immediately and started to sit up. Marcia told them they had to stay lying down and the men tried objecting, realizing we were shaving their legs bare. lol Not too many men will allow this unless they agree to it ahead of time. We could have told them and discussed the issue, but that would have eaten up our evening and we thought the deceitful method would work better. lol
Some of them continued to argue, but they laid back and we proceeded to shave their legs bare. We took our time and did it right, but we also made sure to pay attention to their erections so they wouldn't feel like they were totally being screwed out of sex.
When we finished with the fronts of their legs we had them turn over and did the backs as well. Then back over onto their fronts so we could shave their pubic hair. Some of them seriously objected to this. I had shaved my fiancee's pube about a week or so ago and kept it that way ever since, so he just chuckled. The girl who had him just had to clean him up a bit to remove stubble. Finally we got the men all shaved nice and smooth and they were like manikins, only softer and smoother.
Now came the hard part - really. We pulled out pantyhose and started pulling them over the feet of our men. By then they all knew we were getting our way and so they gritted their teeth and let us do our jobs. We had to get them on teir feet for this part and pull the PH up onto their lower torsos. When we finished they all displayed their newly bare and smooth bodies wearing sheer pantyhose. They were ALL gorgeous. My finacee has been in PH a few times because of me so he was good with it. Imagine that. He felt like he was the "real man" among them all cuz he didn't complain, once he got past the initial stage of having his legs shaved.
I wish pics weren't forbidden by our group. I would loved to have posted pics here from this group showing all seven of these men with their clean, smooth legs wrapped up in PH.
We had them strut their stuff all about the living room and then we started stroking them beneath the PH. They enjoyed that. If you have never tried being stroked wearing PH you should give it a try. it's awesome. I did it my first time as a kid and knew I would always love it.
Once we got the men all moaning and groaning through stroking we cut holes in the PH and sucked them off. Each of them came perfectly and no one was objecting any longer. Then we switched partners and got them all ahrd again and had them enter us "doggie style" so we all had out ***** in the air while our men humped us. They enjoyed that too and their were NO more objections to wearing PH or having smooth legs.
All us girls told them how much we loved their legs as smooth as ours and kissed and fondled their legs and rubbed our ******* and ******* all over their legs until we brought ourselves to ****** humping their legs. God that turned those men on. They were converts after that. lol
I think they might like us ot do that to them again another time. I'll be surprised if all these men don't come next week with their legs still smooth. I know they'll all start wearing PH, especially with the weather so cold in our area.

Shaved legs. Pantyhose. Men love it! So do we women. Luv'n it *.*
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wow, you guys have a great group, what a great way to have some fun together

Hey Molly, I'm not into group sex or ********* either. Can you tell me a way to make sex vibrant with my partner?

I've just re-read this and it's still just as hot. Other than I much prefer panties on women and for cross-dressing than panty-hose.

Oh Molly what a wonderful experience you're sharing with us! I just came across this and have read it all. There do seem to be some gaps I think. <br />
<br />
First I think you were sharing this with your fiancee but a few replies back you talk about dating a new boy friend for a month as of Feb., 2012. What happened to your fiancee who originally was in this group with you?<br />
<br />
Originally you stated your group was only 7 and no more ever, I think, yet above on 5/7/12, you state your group is 12! What happened to your original limit?<br />
<br />
Since you are probably the only one in your group that has been both genders physically and mentally during your life I wonder how those sexual sensations differ for you? Is you TS status ever a problem with any other group members?<br />
<br />
Hope you are willing to share with all of us as the story of your life is so wonderful and an inspiration to all! God bless.

Hi Berta. I already have shared my life with everyone. An author named Jackson Williams wrote a book about me and published it as an ebook last year. You can find it on B&amp;N and Amazon and most likely everywhere ebooks are sold. It's called New Life, by Jackson Williams and he did a great job on it. I cried and laughed in parts, and I lived it.

But, to answer your questions, sadly, my fiancee died not long after becoming my fiancee. Not to spoil the ending of my book, but it happened just as the book was going to press and Jackson decided not to add it in, because he wanted it to hold the happy ending to my life that it had at the time he published it. He (and I agreed) didn't want my story marred with tragedy and I thank him for that. I cried like a baby at the end of my book, but only a few people knew it ended differently. It ended at the right spot for that period in my life. Jackson really is a wodnerful author. God, I'm crying. Sorry.

Ok, I'm back. My sex group raised its limit because we had people being referred by others of us in the group. So now 12 couples max. Really. It's now 24 people each week, but not everyone shows up every week. Anymore than that and they have to start a new group.

I don't really know how sex differs for me since I can't tell what any other girl experiences. I have talked with good friends (Cassy, my best, best friend forever and others) and from what they say, I experience it a lot like they do. I don't get as moist as "other girls", but I do have a great time and my enjoyment is every bit as awesome if not more so than anyone else. i think it's my difference that enables me to want sex more. Or maybe it's just me, since I do know other T-girls who don't have the same sex drive I do. I guess I'm just a horn dog at heart. :)

Love your stories and would like to be friends. How did you get into a sex group, are this commune?

No this isn't a commune. It came about ecause of who and how I am. If you read the biography written about me you can see everything that led up to it. I started going to a sex addition group and ended up being part of a sex enjoyment group. lol So weird, but true.

As an update: I have only been dating my new bf for a month and he's already shaved smooth and wearing pantyhose like a pro. lol I know now to train my men early and make them obey everything I tell them. That doesn't mean my men are sisies, because they are ALL manly men, but they know I have their best inerests in mind with sex play.

Its so hot when the woman "makes" more than one guy put them on in front of each other too. You could try and get them to rub their bulges together next time refusing them sex if they don't do that first. I bet they all do it after protesting.

awesome story. Appreciate you sharing so much with us.

So glad I stumbled across this story. So very, very hot. I'm sitting here at work hard as can be -- and with shaved legs and navy tights! Thanks for sharing.

Sounds like y'all had a great time. Great story, thank you for sharing.

It is my dream to meet a woman like you. You are gorgeous and open minded and experimental. Love it!!

Hot ! Loved reading that!<br />

Not much better than shaved legs and PH ... I'm jealous of my wife, I shave often but she shaves her legs and teases me about how good it feels under fresh sheets and PH.......... I do agree. When she shaves me it is even hotter.......

Wish i wasn't so far away!

This is a fantastic story! I would love to have been there - of course, I would never ob<x>ject to having my legs shaved and wearing pantyhose. I think all women should shave their man's legs, put him in pantyhose and screw his brains out. If all women did this,just about every guy on earth would be clean shaven and in pantyhose!<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing Molly!

You are quite amazing!!!

Oh God no. I could never make my fiancee into a sissy. He finally did the panrtyhose and shaved legs and all, but he is all man and that's why I love him sooooo much. Make a sissy of him? uh-uh. No thanks. Then he wouldn't be the man I love.

Sorry iLike2Cam. Our group is limited to seven couples and we are at that limit. Too large a group makes it hard to keep in order. We enjoy the order. Makes our games that much more fun each week. The groups that just get together for one big ****-fest with no order fizzle quickly because every time it's the same old ****. We have tons of fun with something different every week. Luv'n it *.*

Hey Scott...you should shave your legs just for YOU. Forget the partner, sweetie, you'll enjoy the feel. If you don't currently have a aprtner shaving your whole lower body smooth (especially the pubic area) and putting on pantyhose so you can stroke yourself underneath it is a HUGE turnon for ************. I know a lot of guys now who do this and they all love it. That was my first experience with PH as a kid too. Luv'n it *.*

I can vouch for that. Makes me *** harder than anything.

tried them before but never shaved or with a partner...:(

I wish my wife would do that to me. I love pantyhose. Thanks for sharing.

My fiancee is starting to enjoy his legs always being hairless. It just takes some men a little longer to get used to it. He is now completely hairless and nude and smooth from his waist down and we both are seriously loving it!!! *.*

Loved it, I can still remember the first time I shaved my legs and put pantyhose on, my god it felt so much better without the hair.

It sound like a lot of fun.

I wonder if any of the men will still have nice smooth legs next time your group meets :)

I'm not addicted, but I wish someone would do that to me! My wife likes my hairy legs more than I do! But I do get to wear pantyhose a lot, so it's not all that bad.

I'm sure there are. I'll post more when I'm feeling better. A head cold stops up my writing. lol

Well, I came up with the idea this last week. Next week the men get to decide what we do. I'm still waiting for my next turn having a one on one with my "Secret Master". Mmmmmm...Luv'n it *.*

what an amazing group you have set up for yourselves - sounds great

What a wonderful party...you should try getting them in stockings and gartes next! LOL

bfrank: I do NOT have any group sex pics and why would I send them to you if I did? Guess someone wants to be blocked huh?

Life IS too short. That's why we believe in experiencing it and not denying it. No religious type sex guilt for this girl. No thank you at all...And we are KEEPING those legs and ***** shaved clean. If we girl can do it, so can our men, right? Hell yeah! lol Luv'n it *.*

Great night for all of you.<br />
Thanks for sharing girl.<br />
Louise CD