I Made Myself Fat By Mistake

I have PCOS Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. One of the symptoms is weight gain. The hospital which was treating me got me to join a weight loss group, that was the worst mistake of my life. Till then I was a little overweight, but still in a normal range. I ate healthily and exercised regularly. The weight loss group gave us all a diet and exercise regime to follow and at first it seemed to work. I lost weight and looked great, but you can't live on that sort of food forever and as soon as I went on to the normal diet that the hospital recommended for weight maintenance the weight started to pile on. Since then no amount of diet or exercise helps.

After years of visiting doctors and personal research, I eventually found out what I did wrong. PCOS not only causes fertility problems, it slows the metabolism. Dieting made that worse. Basically my body thought it was starving, and slowed down the burn rate to keep me alive. When I returned to normal eating, my metabolism stayed slow and my body stored as much as possible as fat. Of course when I gained weight, I cut my food intake again, further convincing my body that I was in danger of starvation. I did this for years, putting on more and more weight each time.

Of course doing this to my body encouraged other things to go wrong, and now I have diabetes 2 as well as PCOS.

I have to exercise extremely hard to get my heart rate to rise very far, and as soon as I stop exercising my heart rate returns to normal almost immediately.

I now realise that dieting made my weight worse. It will take years to get the weight off, and I won't be dieting. You see the real truth about weight gain is metabolism. If you eat wrong you change your body's natural order. Now I eat well, very well, fruits, veg, meat, cereals, all the things a human body requires as it requires it. I listen to my body very carefully. If I'm hungry I eat. When I stop being hungry I stop eating. There's a difference between hunger and just feeling like a snack and you have to listen to your body to know which is which.

It took a while to get the weight to stop going up, but it has stopped. It held steady for almost a year. Now it's going down. It's very slow, very, very slow, but it is going down. I walk daily, I dance, and I try to keep active. But I do not push my body any more, no more all night exercising in the lounge room. Too much exercise when your metabolism is damaged is as bad as too little food, it actually slows your burn.

To all those out there who want to be healthy tale this advice, eat healthy. Eat when your body says it’s hungry, not when your mind thinks it might like something. Eat every-single-time your body says it’s hungry. Stop eating when you’re not hungry anymore. Do not eat even one more mouthful. The food will still exist next time you’re hungry. If you listen to your body it will tell you what you need. True hunger pangs are given to you for a reason, the diet groups who say you have to feel them for a diet to be working are lying. Ignore diet advice that says to cut out this or that (Unless your doctor says different, ie salt and kidney disease) cutting entire types foods out of your diet is bad for you. Humans need a range of things in their diets, and cutting stuff out will only make your body do other things to compensate, and usually not good things. Don’t worry about what’s in your food. Fatty food will ease your hunger faster and as long as you stop eating at the moment your actual hunger has stopped, you won’t have a problem. Vegetables and fruits will take longer to satisfy your hunger, so are better of you want to stretch out a meal. Do not diet, just eat healthily, always listening to your body.

Do something every day. Walk, or swim, or vacuum, or dance, just do something. Make it something you enjoy. Don’t over do it.

Enjoy life, take part in life, ignore insults and put-downs. Love yourself and your body. Look after yourself and your body as you would anyone else you loved. You wouldn’t put down the people you love so don’t do it to yourself.

If you’re one of those lucky people who has only a few extra kilos now, and you haven’t ruined your metabolism yet. Don’t diet to shed those kilos, just do a few more thing a day and lose it nice and slow, then you won’t end up like me.

If you’re already like me now, then get back to normal eating now. Because your body has been insulted by countless diets and stuff, (And I know you have, most of us bigger people have tried every diet) it’s going to take awhile to train yourself to hear it’s real signals, but you can do it. I know how much discipline you’ve had on all the diets you’ve tried, so I know that you can learn to hear your body.

My weight is going down. I’m happy with that even though it’s slow. I’ve learned painful lessons on how bodies gain and lose weight. I’ve had to learn the hard way what health is. I’m sharing my experience for two reasons. To stop those who aren’t here yet from ever having to get here, and to say to those who are here that I found the way out, it’s a long path, but unlike the other paths you’ve been told about it is a true path out.

OzTrude OzTrude
36-40, F
2 Responses Jan 10, 2007

Awesome article! thanks for sharing. I learned a lot just from reading.