I Can't Seem to Stop Complaining At My Job!

Tonight I was talking with my assistant, we both had to work late, as usual I was complaining about our work. I thought our big boss had left. The next thing I know he comes right around the corner! It was so embarrassing. My boss directly above me was gone and I tend to complain to him a little too much. I feel like I'm becoming the office complainer and now, after tonight it's just embarrassing. Our big boss is the VP of our company and he's in the same office. Lately I've been complaining because work is just really stressful. I'm in a really popular position at my job, growing a department that just started. It's exciting but a little too much at times. Problem is I just keep complaining and can't seem to stop. Just a few months ago I got myself into a pickle with my bosses, even though I was in the right, I felt like a bad person afterwards. That's a long story. It's not that I think I know everything about where I work. It's just there is a lot of problems and everyone there hates their job. My complaining is mostly to try to get things fixed or have them run better. I guess that's how everyone feels though at their jobs at times. It's more I just can't seem to break the cycle of opening my mouth. Usual at some point I end up doing it in front of my boss. Tonight it happened in front of a big boss and now I'm just embarrassed by myself. The problem is everything I said was the truth so why do I feel so bad? Then again do always have to speak the truth to everyone all the time? It probably looks like whining/complaining/tattling. I'm like the person people hate at work. A lot of what happens at my work is because of a bunch of young people trying to get ahead. Including myself. I think because of my actions at work though. I'm just defeating myself even though I'm good at what I do. I decided to start writing about this because I know I need to change. I can't keep acting this way in my career. Every job I've had there has always been drama. My family tells me that I should just keep my mouth shut and I know I should but I just can't seem to stop it. It makes me look like an idiot. Maybe just having the VP walk up like that made me aware of what a complete moron I am. I just feel like such an embarrassed dork and don't even want to show my face tomorrow.
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Hope things turned out alright in the end! :)