So I'm Talking To Him Again...

I decided i would stop talking to this man..but then i seen him at school so i decided to just keep it as simple as possible. 
but I sent him a text this morning, asking how he is. 

He said his wife is taking all of his cash and spending it... 

it took all of the self-control I had to refrain from saying, "poor baby.." 

i was able to get him to agree to letting me call him. he sounded so down. i wanted to tell him just how sexy i find him to be...maybe my pure honesty would cheer him up? 

he said she has done this ever since they first got married.  it was weird hearing him being so vulnerable. i told him to call me this evening as i wanted to put a little cheer in his day and that i was sorry this is so hard for him.

ok, probably inappropriate but whatever. i mean, i do love my bf but this man is just so 
micahN micahN
22-25, M
Jan 7, 2012