She Called Me Her Gift From God :')

I'm a member at this charitable group. Our new project is to go around hospitals seeking to enhance the emotional well-being of the patients, in addition on stressing on the morals and values of visiting the sick. I volunteered to contact two hospitals in my area, to ask them to support our campaign and allow us to distribute brochures.
Today, I successfully delivered the proposals to these hospitals, and am awaiting their response. My friend -who initiated the idea- got so happy hearing about this and called me a gift from God, then she tweeted: "I have a friend that makes me proud of her every day,even though she thinks that she is all messed up. I admire her in every way".
Making people happy fills me with sense of purpose, like God has planned that I touch someone's life, and make their day better :')
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18-21, F
Apr 23, 2012