Last Friday

OMG Okay so I can’t believe I didn’t tell this story because it is oh so cute!

So last Friday I’m trying to leave work with an irate customer moaning about a refund… yeah has nothing to do with the story but what the heck.


The teen and her friends are waiting in the car for me w/ my baby girl. I get in as I’m finishing up a business call with my boss and as I hang up, shut the door and start the car all in one motion I turn to the baby and at the top of my voice “Hello Beautiful!!”. WELL don’t ya know that right next to my passenger window, which of course was open, was a woman’s backside as she attempted to open her door. Without even a pause she turned and poked her head right into my window (there was a teen sitting there too) and with the biggest smile in the world said “why thank you!” She was older than I, I’d guess in her 60’s, and just had that grandma look to her. I smiled back as not to give away my secret and pulled out of the parking spot.


The teens, who must have been in shock, finally burst into laughter and the baby even slapped her knee in copy cat fashion. I swung the car around to aim in the other direction just as the woman was pulling out and of course, once again, our eyes met. She still had that smile from ear to ear, which gave me such a tickle that I just had to add a very flirtatious wave to the mix.


It was just such a cute moment and knowing that I left her with a happy memory just made me giggle. Unintentional acts of kindness are sometimes the best. J


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What a wonderful story!

I love this !!!

that was a cute thing!