And I Have No Idea What It Means?

Is it like top ten list? Does it add to my points? Do I get EP tokens for it? Should I be happy? Is it a good thing?

LordVoldemort LordVoldemort
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5 Responses Feb 18, 2009

Points become obsession sometimes, when you nedd them!

Wouldn't it be different if you earned points out on the street, or in a supermarket, if you are courteous or funny, or helpful, or get ripped off and still be accepting. I guess in God's world, some of these things count. And in our world too, though we're not supposed to check the point balance. How many points get taken off for bad behavior, - I keep depleting my accumulation. It's like when you sign off of EP and you lose your point status. It's like gambling, I guess. I'm a compulsive gambler with my life. I build up the points, then throw them all on one roll...

Thank you for the info, so it is not a bad thing! I am relieved.

LOL Mahsa. The most prolific page is part of the home page for EP, so when people sign in they see your stories etc. I don't think you receive points for being on there, or maybe I just have never noticed it. I do look at that section though to see if there are new people on EP that I might want to read.

I guess since everybody kind of left EP, I am the only one sharing stories!! it is sad!