Worst Mistake

The worst mistake I made was the one night I cheated on my boyfriend. We probably weren't meant to be, but I am the biggest coward and feel so much shame for doing that. I should have not done it. There's no excuse, even if I was drunk. He'll never be the same, I will never be tr same, and worst off, I took his innocence away, and he'll never see me in the light he saw me in before it happened. I will always look at his photos w/ love, but when he looks at mine, there'll always be that bitterness :( I'm such a ******* fool. Don't cheat, it's not worth it-even if things aren't going well... Just don't do it or break it off first.
Laudidaudi Laudidaudi
1 Response Sep 16, 2012

This is well true, im sorry...mistakes happen i bet u wish u had a watch witch you could re-wind time so you can change what you done.........but sadly there isn't.........