Sex And Love, Can't Live Without Them....

I just came off of a job that I have been on for 22 months, I have been doing this kind of work now for a very long time. relationships have never been on of my strong points, but I have always had the crazy dreams of finding that one special somebody. I was married it seems like in another life now, it didn't end well at all. It suck though to come home to a empty house. I don't know that a woman would want to be alone for those long periods of time anyway, but it would be nice to find one that would give it a go. My dilemma is I still think about my ex wife alot. We did not end well at all, she was always depressed and hardly ever had sex. We were mean as hell to each other and when I finally left I did not even say bye. I know we hated each other when we quit, but i am wondering if she could feel the same way about me. Is it even fair to ask her? What is really strange though is I can have a conversation like this with some one i don"t know but Some one i love I can't even bring up the subject.
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Talk to her get it off your chest !

She might still love you ? I can see you still love her ! Show her write it down when read it to her .