The Things People Do To Each Other

I am amazed at how people treat each other especially the ones that they do or have loved. the other day i met a guy and he and started talking. I am straight and so was he, but we had this instant connection. he was telling me about how he was going through a very rough time in his life. he had met a woman a few years ago that at first he was shy and avoided her, a lot of people that knew her said bad things about her. some how though he ended up talking to her and before long they started seeing each other. as time went on he moved in with her. they grew together and closer even with him trying his best not to get to attached to her. she was the same way with him. as time went on the two of them really fell in love. he didn't know why or how but he felt like he could tell her anything, he said there were some things that he didn't openly share but if he was asked he would tell her as honestly as he knew how to. he would ask her things as well and felt that she was doing the same. these are things that i believe you work out in time and over time you open up more and more. you have to know you can really trust some one, and it is not the same kind of trust as a friend saying i have your back its the kind of trust as i know enough about you that i could destroy you and cause you a pain the is not physical, but you would rather be run over by a mac truck then experience. he told me that he felt like she was his one or soul-mate if there ever was one, so he finally asked her to marry him. she said yes. she had her ups and downs as did he. she fought depression and she was hard for him to figure out. she had been married before he hadn't. he just said he was happy when they were together. he said they would argue over petty **** sometimes and looking back he wished he hadn't done that so much. they both kept things from each other which i told him is never good, he said that there sex life had gone to almost none existing but he loved her so he stuck with her because even though he wanted sex all the time he really loved her and wanted to support her and be there for her. they were in there first year of marriage and and he talked to her about maybe getting her doctor to change her anti-depressant meds to allow her to get her sex drive back. she did this for him and things did get a little better. he said he spent way to much time away from home takes full responsibility for that, but she kicked him out anyway an had an affair. she denied ever having the affair, he believes because she did not want to hurt him which makes sense. when he did come back home though she had completely changed her sex drive and wanted to be in a d/s relationship with him. he is hard headed and thought he fully understood this, he didn't and probably still doesn't, but knows now he should have complicated more with her about understanding that. we are all humans in this world and make mistakes especially us men. we don't like to read the instructions so we really are lost when it comes to a woman that we adore and love. there is no question in my mind that this man loves this woman beyond anything else because of all of the things he said to me. he said they would argue about things and looking back with what he knows now some of it was founded but still he wishes he had done things so much differently. they got kicked out of there place and moved right down the street. he finished moving all of her thing and got there house up and going to where they could live in it. things seemed to him to be better on a lot of fronts especially sex, but she still didn't want to do it all the time like she has said in this arena and she was not submissive like she said she wanted to be. he is not sure exactly what she wanted but has some pretty good ideas now. the problem he has is this, she kissed him bye on a afternoon when she left to go get a friend and he fell asleep before she got home, he didn't get up till the next morning when she picked a fight with him. she wanted him to leave and he refused because they had just moved and she had promised never to do that to him again. she left but he was sure she would be back and they would work things out. instead what happened next completely caught him off guard the sheriff came back with an injunction against domestic violence, all he was told was that he had to leave and had 5 minutes to get out. they arrived at 4:55 and one of your dogs ran out he went to get it and was told about the injunction and that he had to leave right then, you know his truck had a flat tire, and he did not have anybody he could call. the sheriff told him that he could call some one or they would take him to jail and he could call some one. this happened in less than 2 mins time, his response was (i am quoting him) "**** give me a second let me put the dog up, I am going to kill that *****" you know he never meant literally and have said a lot worst things to him. domestic violence is not a joke and is not to be taken lightly by anyone, getting a injunction under false accusations in this state is a 2nd felony that when(very rarely) they do pursue they almost always only give a prison sentence with. not to mention a perjury charge which is a 3rd felony. open1010 you know this story is about you. he told me about this page and others, i think he can do a lot better than you, but he is him no different than me. july of this coming year my wife an i will have been married 40 years, i was one of the few lucky ones that married my first an only love. if she kept any of the things that you have kept from him i would no dought beat her *** and then do it again before i left her with nothing but her clothes that she happened to have on at the time. he on the other only wants to talk to you. talking with my wife to try and get her perspective on things she says you probably were scared he would find out about all of this and the affair and flip out. in that case you may have legitimately been scared of him and what you should have done in that case was leave not make him out to be a wife beater, that is something that he will never be able to get off of his record. him and i met through a mutual friend and i am a successful lawyer. he is not hiring me for anything , but i am going to use my influence to help him any way he wants and that i can. i have told him what and how to handle these things. i sincerely hope you will take this serious because you have twisted things around and made this look like it was his fault and you know it is not, and i am going to take it personal if i get anymore involved than i am now. right is right and wrong is wrong, you even know the difference, just read your own post and comments on your own pages. make things right with him whatever that takes. he says he wants to talk my opion is you need to go running to him right now and beg him to forgive you, whether he would would not have anything to do with you. he has told me about your lawyer friend and yes i know who he is he has two failed practices and now works for another firm, but even he should be smart enough to tell you about perjury especially when it is contradictory. good luck to you and hope you do the right thing. i will re-post this if you take it down, only it will be all over EP where you can't take it down. if you contact him you may remove then. in the mean time you are still a married woman who refused to sign uncontested divorce papers.

from personal experience working with judges they frown on that too especially the one you guys are fixing to have.
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Dec 3, 2012