The One And Only For Me Its All Out Now

I met this woman she was the most beautiful redhead with these pigtails i had ever seen, it took myself dumb *** a while to finally talk to her but we both were glad I finally did, she turned out to be my everything, I don't want to think about a life with out my sweet beautiful Cathy, and she is something else in the bed, i can't leave that out. You know what they say red on the head fire in the bed, with her that couldn't be more true. It has been the hardest 8 weeks of my life, but i am not the same man I was then, she hasn't seen or talked to me since. I am still persistent and will always be that way, but I have grown in so many ways, I know there is no reason to even talk about yesterday or 5 mins ago because that is gone forever, the only thing that really matters i now and forward in life. It is what you make of tomorrow and now that really matters and for me, I just want to be her best friend again support her and encourage her because she has some amazing writing abilities, and is a wonderful full of confidence woman who knows what she has and wants. I know how to please her better than any other man out there, this i know i can give her multiple ******* anytime i want and she know this too. i will outlast her more then she will out last me, guarantied. I have not touched her in 8 weeks, i really want to touch her in the most sensual ways, make her sweet ***** swell with lust, as i do unimaginable things to her and we she thinks she can't take anymore, i will take her again and again over and over. Forget a wet spot everything will be wet and slippery from her ******* all over me and from me ******* all in her mouth and her sweet ***** and even her sweet tasting ***. I will taste me on her and she will taste her on me, but most importantly when i get up and leave her there she will know I have been there and she will once again know beyond all dought that she is mine and mine only. I will always put her needs and desires ahead of mine. She is my own **** and I am hers we use each other like that and make the rest of the world jealous. happy dec 5 bunny honey,nice
loookyhere loookyhere
51-55, M
Dec 5, 2012