Omg, I actually tasted her in a dream. Astounding, and tasted as sweet as I'd always imagined she would. 3. No lie, but what can you do about a dream that comes, eh?

She was stranded, forgotten, in a church of all places. Took her to the bathroom, stood her on the counter, pulled her panties down, put my mouth immediately right there. ******* heaven, sweet little baby ****. She made no noise, just her little hands in my hair, toying while I tasted.

Mmmmm, baby, I purred. Give it to me, little girl, give it all to me, forever.

A dream.
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Someone was kind or curious or pruriently interested enough to ask me to tell her more "about the sweet baby *****" I tasted in my dream. As such an invitation is always very nice to receive, I responded, of course, like this:

It was delicious. It's amazing, considering I've been this way forever, that I'd not yet had such a dream until this one. I've imagined it more than enough times, of course, over the course of those years, and - not gonna lie - it tasted exactly how I'd always imagined it would. Baby ****.

I stood her on the sink counter, lifted the little skirt she was wearing, pulled down her tiny pink panties - and, sadly enough not taking enough time to drink in the sight of her little ****, moved my mouth immediately to it. I guess I felt I might be kind of squeezed for time, perhaps. Otherwise, goodness, would such a dream bless me with the luxury of time, who knows what else might've been accomplished in such a thing.

In any case, I did have both of my hands on her lil round baby butt, my left kind of only on the side of her cheek, my right, though, with my fingers buried in her crack, my index finger against her lil baby pucker, yes, and gripping that little cheek, spreading it just a bit, I suppose.

Finally, with my mouth, all I got the chance to do was mouth the top of her sweet ****, with my lower lip opening her a bit at the bottom, deliciously damp sweet slit, and my upper lip dragging down across her folds and little buried nub at the top.

And that was it, but enough to taste what a three-year old little girl's **** might taste like, I guess. Kisses, baby, and thank you for writing and asking.

[Terrible, I know, but you know, in case you similarly wondered and all.]