Made To Crossdress By My Mom

ok so I was at home on my own so I decided to have some fun. I was wearing black pantyhose lacy black panties and matching bra and a slutty French maids outfit from Victorias secret. I hadnt told anyone about my dressing. I had handcuffed myself to my parents bed and took loads of sexy photos of myself. I was so caught up in my sexy feelings I didn't hear the front door open and my mum walk upstairs to find her 17 year old son in a French maids costume and handcuffed to her bed. her mouth dropped open and she didn't say anything for what seemed like hours. I asked her to uncuff me bit she just just said I'm sorry little **** but your mistress can't do that yet. she incurred me from the bed but kept my hands and feet cuffed and made me crawl around the floor saying things like I've been a bad girl and I've been a bad kitty and act like a cat. then she took me into her bedroom again and took of my maids costume and gave me a sexy school girl costume with a tartan miniskirt and rolled up shirt she also got a blonde wig and foundation blusher mascara and finally lipstick then she made me suck on her 9 inch ***** while she invited all my uncles and my father and grandfather. then when they got to my house she made me dance on our table and give my relatives a slutty dance she told me to shake my booty while they cunner and make me lick all of their ***** clean and give them all oral sex. once they had all gone she took me upstairs and made me watch while she posted all of the pictures she had taken of me on the Internet and said from now on I would stay dressed al the time.
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Wow I wish I'd had a mom like that. X