My Wild and Horny Wife.

It is always my fantasy to see my wife **** by another man. This is an open secret to her. years for having this fantasy, finally my wife succumbed to what I want to happen. 2 years ago she shared to me that there's a guy in the net that got a interested in her, he is younger than she is, and he is from L.A but frequently travelling to asia,particularly hongkong.

I encourage her to flirt,they chatted alot, it seems she likes the guy. they exchange pictures and mobile phone numbers.

As they progress, the guy started asking her nude pictures, which I permitted her to do,by the way, the picture here in my profile was one of the pictures she send him.

And then the guy was getting comfortable with her,now asking her to have cybersex with her,this really turns me on and I said yes immediately. We booked to a nice hotel so they  can have privacy but my wife told me she a little shy if im there, so I have to go to the lobby to give them space,but promised she will invite me in her webcam if i go online in the lobby.

That night was a great night for me because that's a hundred time closer to my fantasy, though this is only cybersex but I was so delirious seeing her on cam,baring her body being ****...after they ****** I rushed to our room and when I opened it she still naked and wet and we **** alsmost the whole night.

This coming mouth my wife is going to meet him personally to be ****** by him.








hothusband hothusband
1 Response May 11, 2009

Sounds like a lot of fun!!! Please let us know how it all turned out.....there really is nothing like sliding your own hard **** into your sexy wife after another guy has.<br />