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I Hate Maintance Spankings !

i hate them because its not fair to spank me when I ain't really done nothing to get it for ! just because I haven't had a spanking lately don't just mean I need 1.
I think its just because my mom ro dads in a pissey mood and wants to take it out on me !
Same with attitude adjustments !
Preachersboy Preachersboy 18-21, M 31 Responses Sep 26, 2012

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I think maintenance spankings are stupid. Why would you want to be good if you're going to get a spanking anyway? But "attitude adjustments" are totally different. I got more "attitude adjustments" during my later teen years than I got punished for breaking the rules or getting a ticket. It was usually always that my mouth got my butt warmed, and yes, I deserved it!

Couldn't agree more and I was much the same. Seems as teenagers, we had a lot of difficulty in engaging the brain before the mouth. My brain's pathway to learning was a straight line to my hot red and sore backside.

I agree with both you and ncabba. Teens get in enough trouble and deal with punishment spankings often. However as adults, when discipline spankings taper off due to better behavior, maintenance spankings work well. They do in our household and many other I know about.

Your maintenance spankings are totally unfair what is the point in behaving.
A cop can't put you in jail for a night just cause you haven't been in trouble
for a while.

I think you will find that the reason they do this is because it turns them on sexually. Try feeling them up after they have spanked you! I bet your dad has a hardon, or your mom has a wet *****!

That doesn't sound fair at all. I was spanked too often to need maintenance spankings - hardly a week went by.

I want to add to this, When I was a kid there was a family around the block from my house that used maintenance spankings, I don't remember them being called that but that is what happened. There were three boys around 12, 10, and 8. Every Saturday they got a spanking from their dad he believed that every boy does something wrong at least once a week that the boy didn't get punished for. So from his point of view he wasn't spanking them for nothing just for what they hadn't been caught doing. I learned about this when I was 10 and wanted to play with the boy my age one Saturday but his dad told me it was time for his spanking then he explained it to me. He joked that I could stay if I wanted but he'd have to spank me, I went home. I was just glad he didn't know my dad. At the time I thought it made sense but really if a kid knew he was gonna get spanked every Saturday anyway why behave?

Your lucky he didn't make you stay .

Your lucky you haven't received a MS this week young man!

yea 4sure ! Its been over 2 weeks since the last time .

Poor boy I bet you get one soon. That cute bottom of your all red! You better start to behave son.

I hope not . no joke

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I can't say the I have ever used maintenance spankings on my boys before. It is normally just reserved for when there is wrongdoing. Do you think maintenance spankings being in place improves your long term behaviour overall?

They do in my current situation, a submissive male in a DD relationship. Being maintenance spanked regularly keeps me in line and reminds me of my position in our relationship and who I belong to. However, I do not feel maintenance spankings when I was a child were necessary. Punishment spankings in that era were normal and effective.

I argee.. parent/child relaonships have no place for maintecne

Well I personally see no reason for maintenance spanking. You still will get spanked if you do something wrong. And my question is what do the parents say when they are doing it. It almost sound like a joke, This is for what you might do now get over here get those pants down If you are bad this is whats going to happen.

I don't agree with maintenance spanking. It simply detracts from the effectiveness or true punishments. If you do something wrong, then yes, be punished for it. But don't get a spanking just for something you 'might' have done or maybe will do.

Well I really do not understand the idea of maintenance spanking. It like you are getting spanked for doing nothing and even if you did do something wrong after the maintenance spanking you still get spanked. My question to you Blake do maintenance spanking hurt as bad as regular spankings?

Maintenance spanking works very well for some people, but they certainly aren't for everyone. In my experience, most people who use them don't spank as long or as hard as a punishment spanking. For people who benefit from maintenance spanking (inclusing myself), it helps with focus, it motivates one to behave and perform better, and it relieves stress and guilt like nothing else.

Well did you find when you were getting maintenance spankings you were getting less punishment spankings?

I agree with JamieW. Maintenance spankings work very well in our relationship. They help to keep me in line and are a reminder of my role in the relationship and who I belong to. To answer some other questions, maintenance spankings differ from punishment spankings in our household in the following ways. Discipline spankings have no warm up, no safe word and no aftercare. Maintenance spankings have all of those points. Punishment spankings tend to be shorter in length of time, but much harder strokes. I've had maintenance spankings last over an hour. Do I get fewer punishment spankings? Well, perhaps, because they tend to keep me from poor behavior or rule breaking. My Dominant Mistress does not like to punish, but make no mistake when necessary, she will deliver a very sound discipline spanking. Maintenance spankings also act as sort of a catch all, if you will. If a slight infraction occurs and is not corrected, it will be mentioned during the maintenance spanking, and more harsh strokes will be added.

Actually yes, especially once I reached my mid-teens, and even moreso as an adult.

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But all have sinned and fall short of glory.

Blake wouldn't get so many attitude adjustments if he was a good boy. But then he is a preacher's boy who has a dad with a rod, well hairbrush anyway.

And his Dad has an excellent whipping belt as well as switches.

To get the belt for no reason is unfair. My mother spanked me sometimes being very angry, but I always deserved it. She spanked me until my late teen age.

yeah, it sounds like it is just because of a pissy mood.

Does your Dad use the belt kept in the living room for maintenance spankings?

yea unless I can beg him into just using his hand instead .

And how often do you do that and does your begging him not to use the belt work often?

Sometimes it works sometimes not with my dad . It works better with mom if she not really mad .
Most I just beg on the reminder spankings . Punishments is diff . they won't give much then .

i was always naked for my spankings, and had to hold myself in place - either over a table or ottoman, chair, sofa, bed, wherever i was told. Spankings were also confessions where i had to repeat my offense between whacks. There was always an audience: by brother, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, prents' friends. Most were from my dad, especially for actual offenses. Mom would give me maintenance spankings to show off in front of her sister. They usually used multiple instruments. They would warm me up with a paddle or strap and then move on to a cane or switch and finish off with a brush. After a few warmup smacks, i would be asked what i did wrong, and i would be spanked for whatever i confessed. When i was out of offenses to confess, the audience was polled. She would ask my brother, cousins, aunts, friends, what they witnessed or if i had offended them in any way. i was spanked for whatever they told. My older cousin was a wiseass and always had something to report. Anyone i had offended was given the switch or cane to punish me himself. When it was over, i had to face the wall, and stand bent over, holding my ankles. If this was near a meal time, i would hold this position in the kitchen or dining room so they could see me while they ate. Often i was placed next to the tv, so people could watch my red *** and a ball game at the some time.

Do you still enjoy being punished like a naughty young man? Pants down and your bare backside thrashed with a strap until it's blazing red, followed by the cane that leaves thick raised purple welts criss-crossing that red landscape. Bad boys need harsh correction with no mercy until they beg for forgiveness.

I dont believe in maintenance spankings with parent child realtionships.

Maintnance spankings aren't that bad a thing, but they should really be carried out calmly and on a regular schedule. Attitude adjustments, on the other hand, should be administered whenever your attitude needs adjusting. And finally, when I was your age I would have gotten a mouth soaping, a spanking and some cornertime for using the word "pissey".

I bet Blake will disagree with you about "Maintnance spankings aren't that bad a thing". My bet is his little bottom thinks they are very bad things!
But if Blake didn't misbehave all the time he wouldn't need any spankings now would he?
But Blake is a normal boy and just like I was he sometimes forgets that he can't always do what he wants and when he does his bottom gets sore. And when he back talks his mom or dad he gets a spanking. I didn't learn that lesson until I was 19, yes I got spanked at 19 and deserved it.

I could do without the maintance spanking 4sure .
Yea mom would be hot if she heard me say pissy .

But you got a spanking just last Sunday, I guess you should have had a maintenance spanking earlier so maybe you would have behaved better and not been spanked so hard on Sunday.

Maybe ? I got caught looking at **** after bedtime last wee . I would have prob got it anyway .

Maybe you should have gotten two spankings... one for looking at ****, and another for being up after bedtime...?

I'm lucky she didn't think about that .

Well naughtyDen, I didn't get my first spanking until age seventeen and know what you mean. Please check out my stories.

Are you still spanked now? Or have you left home yet?

Yea I am and yea I still live at home with my parents.

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When's the last time you got a maintenance spanking? Does is happen often? Who is the spanker, mom or dad?

Got 1 for dad last Sunday night .

How did dad handle it? Were you able to sit down comfortably afterwards?

I could sit yea but it wasn't comfortable no . I had to sit on the couch after til he told me I could go .

Sounds like it wasn't too bad then. Glad you're up and moving now. Time outs in addition to a spanking not fun.

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Blake Hasn't had one in too long, isn't that right? I bet you have been doing some naughty things and getting away with it.

Your talking like my mom now ! She says things just like that b4 I get spanked.

Back talking eh? You know what this means.

Who do you think told me? Just kidding, I talk like that because I'm a dad, young man and I still remember how naughty I was at your age even knowing I'd get spanked. If you haven't had one in awhile I bet you get one soon.

yea Devin I know what it means but sometimes it just kinda pops out before I think .

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Well spanking for no reason is not good rather unfair and wrong

how often do you maintenance spankings?

do you get spanked bare bottom?

Yes I do !

Preachersboy, Are you spanked bare bottom and over the knee? We were spanked with a paddle. We were not spanked at all until the age of 5 and then they spanked us with their hand only. We started getting the paddle at the age of 10. Does your mom pull your pants all the way down prior to placing you over her knee? This is how my brother and I were spanked and is how I spank my teenage boys. My brother and his wife spanks his 3 boys and 1 daughter in this same fashion. Are you spanked in front of siblings or family? My parents were big believers in adding a good healthy dose humiliation and embarrassment to our spanking experience so we were spanked in front of other family members, i.e. aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends and after our spanking were made to stand in the corner with bare bottoms on display. My brother and I also got maintenance spankings from mom when we were teens and we thought it was unfair but we had to obey our mom. She spanked us together but unlike most of our spankings they were not done in front of family. If both dad and mom were home we were still spanked in the dining room together but at least we did not have to wait to get our spankings. Mom would spank one of us and dad would spank the other. I am 13 months older than my brother and even though we are brother and sister we did not care one way or the other if we were spanked in front of each other. We were always spanked bare bottom and our we were always bared by our parents prior to our spankings. The 2 of us were and still very good friends so we always comforted each other after a spanking. Maintenance spankings were done every 4-6 weeks but only if we had gone that long without a spanking. How often do you get maintenance spankings? My mom actually kept a log of our regular spankings which included the reason for the spanking so she knew when we were due for a maintenance spanking. These spankings were not as long or hard as a regular spanking they were meant to be a reminder of what a spanking felt like as if we would forget. We both still cried like little kids. These maintenance spankings did not start until we were 13 and ended when we were 19. We both were still spanked into our early 20's and since we both lived at home after our early 20's we would have both still been spanked if we needed it. Neither my brother or I use these maintenance spankings with our own kids.

They don't ***** me . I have to take my own cloths off to get spanked.
I' the only kid in my house to.

what is the word that has ****** ?

That sucks. I'm glad I don't have to grab the wooden spoon anymore.

I HATE having to get dad moms brush .


you know if you use a hairbrush across both buttocks at the same time and strike the middle of your butt, it is very likely that you will get bruising just inside of both buttocks, this usually occurs when you have a deep cleavledge and a round stuck out bottom. I hated the hairbrush as when I sat down later the pain would nip inside of the cleavledge, did any of you guys ever find that?

yea my mom hits me over and over in the same place right over my butthole.

Do you find it difficult to sit down after the spanking ? If you was my boy you would get caned, six nice weals across your buttocks then there is no sitting down lol, the British way.

Yea . lots of times its hard to sit after .

.. somehow don't seem fair to get your *** beat just because of nothing

Hey Blake
When I was a kid there was a family around the corner from me with 3 boys between 8 and 12 and they all received a spanking every Saturday night. Their dad felt that boys always do at least one naughty thing during the week that they didn't get punished for for Saturday spankings made up for it. He felt that even if they didn't do anything wrong one week there were sure to be other weeks that the boys would do more than one naughty thing so in the long run it worked out. I know this because a few times I had to spend the weekend there when my mom and dad went out of town and I got spanked with them! At first I was mad when I was told that I'd get a spanking with the other boys until he sat me down and asked me "If you can honestly tell me you haven't done anything naughty that you should have been spanked for I won't spank you." I though about lying but he was right I had done several things just that week so I ended up pants down standing with the other boys waiting my turn. He spank hard but not too bad we all cried but soon after we were having fun playing.
So Blake, can honestly tell me you haven't done anything naughty that you should have been spanked for?

LOL ! I guess not.

I would love to watch you get a spankin on your nekkid butt. I'll bet regular spankins could be OK if it was just a hand spank! I would love to feel your nude butt under my hand.

Sorry Preachersboy, I must disagree. I gladly bare my *** for a maintenance spanking any time my Dominant says it is time. Several reasons. I am a committed submissive and whenever my Dominant says it is time, I would never doubt or disagree with her. I seldom get true discipline spankings as she does not like to punish. Maintenance spankings are not because she is in a pissy mood, they are to remind me of my place in the relationship. Also, they serve as sort of a catch all for the smaller infractions which may not deem a punishment at the time of occurence. Not to get me wrong, if I misbehave, she will punish, and harshly. Maintenance spankings keep me in line and the relationship working. They work very well in our DD household.

idk if they help me or not but I stay sore alot cause of them.