My Ex Girlfriend Got Arrested Friday!

Decided to come here and discuss part of my life going on right now. I have been broken up from my long term girlfriend for close to a year now ...I have been raising a child that I wasn't the ***** donor of but i have been there since the day this beautiful girl was born. The baby is my life and now she is almost 3 years old . Here lies the problem this whole time we have been broken up the babies mom has been living in my house because she can't afford her own place ...yes.. i have been living with my ex for close to a year basically i haven't been able to move on in respect that i wouldn't date while she lived here and now its been so long i honestly don't even know how to get started in the dating scene again . Well anyways to get to the arrested part the cops knocked on the door Friday morning and arrested her on the fact she owes back child support of over 10000 to her middle child's here I am... just me and a 3 year old... and have no idea what is going to happen to here mom ..I looked it up and it stated she is looking at possible prison time ..i really thought she would be released as soon as she got to the jail but now its not looking good ..Just gonna focus on being the best dad I can with the circumstances and go from there ..but yeah at the moment I feel pretty strong ..but the baby ask where here mommy is several times and there was no visits in the jail this weekend . Just venting on what im going through right now .To make matters worse my check has been being garnished for a apartment i used to lived in so my rent is behind and the minute they arrested her... our phones got shutoff ..but i always survive everything ..just gonna be a huge adjustment if her mom is sent to prison ...and trust me this girl has only spent one day in jail her whole life and doesn't drink so this is not normal!
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Jan 6, 2013