There's A Big Difference.

Here's the difference:
Spirituality is how we find fulfillment, enlightenment, and meaning in our tiny, futile little lives.
Religion is the most popular - but not, in my opinion, the best - form of spirituality.

I am a bit of a writer and a deep thinker, so I like to keep my mind open and unrestricted by religious dogma, but I also need to move beyond the cold facts of science to hit upon inspiration. That's why I prefer a more general, unaffiliated form of spirituality.

God is...
...a personification of the forces of the universe. abstract symbol of our personal morals and spirituality.
...a representation of the hypothetical being who created Earth and mankind.

God is not...
...a giant man in the sky who hates gay people.
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1 Response Jan 19, 2013

I'm sorry but you are incorrect, maybe only because no one has told you yet. God IS Love. He is all goodness, all mercy, all wisdom, all knowing, all souls are in Him. He is without bounds. No space is to small for Him, and He fills all things with Himself. Nothing that exists exists without God. He did not just create everything eons ago. He is always creating, constantly creating everything. Everything that comes into existence, like tiny sprouting plants breaking thru the soil, or little fetus in the womb, or stars forming in the heavens, everything that comes into existence is coming into existence by the power of His thought saying: "LET IT BE SO".

God IS Love.

And true religion includes the highest form of spirituality that one can achieve. Religion and spirituality are not meant to be seperate, and they are only seperated by people.

You will very soon....

ha ha - no, not ominous - consider it as if I was telling you that there will be a rainbow tomorrow - as you know rainbows can't be predicted even by weathermen - but I am simply telling you that you will see something wonderful soon and it will change what you think.

I'm just a regular guy. Aahh - what makes me say that? The Truth compells me but nothing makes me, because we all have free will.